The Global Expansion of E-commerce Websites Through Translation.

onJune 6, 2023


Tips for Building Multilingual Websites
6th June 2023
The importance of translation for e-commerce websites

The main function of an e-commerce translation is to construct an online store that is multilingual and is up and running and well prepared to attract and convert customers from each targeted language market. In order to make each language version of an e-commerce website visible in the different search engines you need to develop a different site for each language and its audience and connect them at ... View More

The Rise of Remote Interpreting Services and Their Benefits

onMay 15, 2023


Benefits of Remote Interpretation
15th May 2023
What is remote interpreting? 

Remote interpreting is the act of interpreting at a distance which doesn’t involve face-to-face encounters. Video remote interpreting services use video conferencing tools to offer their interpretation services. This process usually requires that an interpreter is well-equipped with both a video camera and a headset. The client is then able to communicate with the interpreter using either a computer or a smartphone. There is no need for any physical contact to be ... View More

The Importance of Working With a Legal Interpreter

onMarch 6, 2023


Legal Translation
6th March 2023
What is legal interpreting?

In societies that have become ever more multilingual, interpreting and translating services are becoming ever more important. Legal interpreting is needed in many situations that require communication between people who understand and speak different languages. Legal interpreting involves real-time interpreting of audio communication. This may be in a situation in which those involved in the communication are present in the same room as the legal interpreter, or the legal interpreter is ... View More

The Role of Conference Interpreters and What They Do

onJanuary 9, 2023


conference interpreters
9th January 2023

Conference interpreting is a verbal form of translation that is conducted by a professional interpreter and sometimes a team of interpreters. Interpretation at a conference is used to translate presentations, speeches, and conversations into the native or the preferred language of a conference audience.

What is conference interpreting?

A conference interpreter works in a formal environment such as at:

  • International conferences
  • trade negotiations,
  • a meeting between government heads,
  • legal proceedings.

The conference interpreter typically works simultaneously, which means the translation takes ... View More

How Localisation Can Increase Your e-Commerce Business for Christmas Shopping Deals

onDecember 21, 2022


Localisation Can Increase Your e-Commerce Business for Christmas Shopping Deals
21st December 2022

Black Friday provides businesses and their brands with the chance to attract new markets and increase revenue. As more and more countries take advantage of the benefits of announcing Black Fridays it helps more businesses to advertise their products. But if the business wants to use Black Friday in their own countries to attract markets from overseas it needs to localise its products so that they are made available to people from more cultures ... View More

Top Ten Tips for the Best Technical Writing

onNovember 7, 2022


7th November 2022

The best technical writing is difficult to find as most technical writing is likely to be overly complicated. Technical writing is commonly used in the following documents:

  • whitepapers;
  • training course material;
  • reference guides;
  • product descriptions;
  • online training course material;
  • instruction/user manual;
  • yearly reports;
  • product manuals.
8 tips to improve technical writing 1. Understand ...
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Benefits of Translating YouTube Videos

onOctober 19, 2022

inGeneral, Translation Skills

Benefits of Translating YouTube Videos
19th October 2022

Every day, millions of people worldwide view online videos such as those that have been loaded on YouTube content. If you are a business you are missing out on a valuable opportunity if you don’t translate your YouTube content. Once you have gone through the process you will attract an international audience. If you don’t go through this process you face the fact that you will alienate much of your potential audience.

 What is YouTube translation?

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Translation Can Increase Patient Engagement

onSeptember 21, 2022


Health Care and Medical Translation
21st September 2022

As clinical research expands, its results are intended to reach as many places around the world as possible so that health professionals can use the latest developments to help the people in their communities improve their health. Research indicates that patients who are provided with information about their treatment options are more likely to benefit but they need to have all the most useful information available in their native languages.

This is where ... View More

What is the Role of Website Translations in Developing Customer Relationships?

onSeptember 20, 2022


Professional Translation
20th September 2022

The customer relationship is not just a fancy marketing term. Businesses that make a significant effort to understand their customers’ needs and try their best to speak their customers’ languages perform far better financially than companies that simply focus on their agendas and hardly listen to what their old and new customers say about the products they sell. Your website both showcases your products and acts as a point of contact for product inquiries. Once ... View More

A Complete Translator’s Checklist for Corporate Translations

onSeptember 13, 2022

inGeneral, Translation Skills

Translation for international companies-min
13th September 2022

Before a translator from a corporate language translation service starts a corporate translation there are certain steps that should be taken while completing the translation
Translating is not an easy process as it doesn’t just involve scanning the text provided by a
corporation and then translating it into a second language but any type of translation
requires expertise, skill, effort, time, and research so that high-quality translations will be
the result. All professional ... View More