Medical Translation Services to Ensure Patients Understand Need Professional Translators

onApril 23, 2018

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professional medical translation
23rd April 2018

It can’t be overstated that these days with the global movement of people to countries where the immigrants’ mother tongue is not spoken that inevitably health services are going to encounter people who don’t speak their language. If they do, it’s usually very limited and doesn’t extent to understanding medical terminology. That’s why professional medical translations are so important.

Some medical facilities when confronted with trying to explain a medical procedure or ... View More

How to Improve PowerPoint Translation in 4 Easy Steps

onApril 10, 2018

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Powerpoint translation
10th April 2018

PowerPoint files are generally used for presentations and training. The translation of a PowerPoint presentation helps to eliminate language barriers between the presentation, the presenter, and his or her attendees. PowerPoint translations are more powerful if they are translated to match the projected audience.
Points to consider before starting to prepare PowerPoint presentations

1. Know your targeted audience

This is crucial for getting the language right in your presentation and the speed of ... View More