What Results in a Reliable Medical Device Translation?

Last Updated On: October 31, 2023


Medical Device TranslationIt cannot be stressed more than anything else how important it is to have medical device user information translated accurately into the languages of those countries where the device is to be marketed. It is of primary importance that linguists or translators working with you to provide accurate medical translation services have particular skills so that a perfect understanding of the device is achieved. There are 3 specific skills which are:

1. The understanding of medical terms

Any medical device translation service should have a thorough knowledge of medical terms and this should be verified before hiring. This means the translators should be up to date with any new terminology.


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    2. Experience is vital

    With important products like medical devices, a translator who is a native speaker of at least one of the languages is more necessary than with other types of translations. An experienced native language speaker can more quickly pick up the gist of a text and use the correct words than non-native translators.

    3. The use of slang in translation

    When slang is used in one language to describe a medical device’s properties it can sometimes be almost impossible to find an equivalent in the targeted language. Experience in language translation of medical devices between the source language and the target language and any slang that is used is vital to ensure no misunderstanding occurs when the translation takes place. There is no room for vague translations in medical device translations. Not every language has slang terms that have equivalent meanings. It is only the most experienced marketing translation services that have knowledge of business document translations for medical devices.

    All in all, these three factors combined will make for an efficient medical device translation that will ensure no misunderstanding takes place and all your potential customers will be able to view easily the qualities of your products. You won’t have to fear a lawsuit either if you have an accurate translation of the medical device.

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