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Getting things in writing is an important part of any business activity, and nothing is more essential than accurate content. In medical, legal and scientific industries, translation of audio transcripts is required for conferences, interviews and court cases. Audio translations often contain important industry-specific data. When working with converting this valuable information into another language, make sure you talk to the experts in translating audio transcripts, Aussie Translations. We will ensure that your audio translation maintains the integrity of its original language. While translating audio transcripts at Aussie Translations, we: -

  • offer a "transcription/translation" process: assurance that your text will be translated accurately by firstly transcribing the audio into the written form of the original language, and then translating it;
  • provide you with both your original transcript and the newly translated document;
  • offer a faster and more affordable "simultaneous translation" process direct from your audio file into a target language, if you need your work quickly

What you get

The Transcription/Translation Process

When translating audio transcripts at Aussie Translations, we recommend the process of transcription and translation, as it provides an extra layer of security. In a court case, for example, the accuracy of your audio translation is paramount; the same can be said for translating audio transcripts of medical records and scientific research data. Aussie Translations will ensure that your audio file is firstly transcribed into the original language, then thoroughly proofread, and finally, translated into your target language.

When Time is of the Essence

If your audio file does not contain industry-specific data of a highly important nature, you might opt for a quicker and more cost-effective Aussie Translations service: simultaneous translation. Our translators will translate your audio transcript while listening to the file simultaneously. This highly-specialised skill will result in a quick turnaround time, and an efficient direct translation of your audio transcript. Our expert translators are happy to advise you on which of our services will be your best possible solution for translating audio transcripts. Contact Aussie Translations today for a free consultation.

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