Why Your Birth Certificate Needs a Professional Translation

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

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Your birth certificate is one of the most important documents you are ever likely to own as it determines who you are and when and where you were born. This is often the only document that you are requested to show for things such as a marriage, attendance at college or university and applying for immigration into another country. If your birth certificate is not in English and you wish to work, study or live in a country that does not understand your language you will have to get your birth certificate accurately translated by a recognised translation service before you are able to complete the required paperwork.

If you are anxious about fulfilling the requirements to enter another country you should get a professional translation of your birth certificate as this will guarantee the birth certificate is accurately translated. If the receiving authority of your translated birth certificate finds any inaccuracies in your translation this could delay the process for entering the country.


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A birth certificate is regarded as a legal document, so that means when it is translated from its original language to a new language it still remains a legal document. You can use it to identify yourself to anyone who asks for proof of your identity. The translation must be as close to the source text as possible, which means only an experienced professional translation services in Australia have the capacity to undertake the job.

It is not just the question of translating only the obvious words on the birth certificate but also words embossed in any stamps and seals present on the original birth certificate. If any of the text on the birth certificate is hard to read the translator will have to indicate this on the translated birth certificate so that anyone reading it will be able to identify the legibility problem.

Translations of birth certificates normally require an accompanied signed statement indicating that the translator has the ability to translate the text accurately.

There are sometimes problems when translating a birth certificate in relation to terms used in a country’s language and matching up the equivalence with the language where a translation is required. An experienced translator will know how to fix this issue so that you get the most accurate birth translation available. In the situation of a birth certificate the titles of agencies and officials could be different so it is important to get these terms correct so that the translation is a genuine representation of the original birth certificate.

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