How Professional Voice Over Artists Can Be Beneficial For You

Last Updated On: December 19, 2021


Professional Voice

Using videos as promotional material on the internet is now used by virtually all eCommerce businesses because it is an effective way of advertising in this competitive world.  Voice-overs add the desired effects when promotional material needs to be translated in an effective way.

What voice-overs do

Professional voice-over artists use their voices in film, radio, television, video presentations and theatre. They are never seen but only heard. A voice-over artist is in fact, an actor and performer. They help to put life into a script or story including promotional material for businesses. 


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Your marketing video may not need the voice-over talent of a well-known star but you will still want your commercial marketing message to be conveyed in an effective, authentic manner either in your own language or as a translation.

Benefits of using a voice-over artist 

  1. They are professionals 

Professionals quickly understand the needs of a client from a business point of view including understanding communication preferences.

  1. A voice-over artist can be trusted

Building trust is a large part of marketing as it can help to build brand loyalty. The authority and quality of a voice-over can have an influence on your targeted audience. You need your marketing message to be able to resonate with your potential customers so the voice-over artist who is given the responsibility of delivering your message is key to this aim.

  1. A voice-over artist has access to high-quality equipment and appropriate technology

As well as using the professionalism of a voice-over artist the right technology and equipment used for the voice-over improves the video’s quality. There is a big difference when using an iPhone for recording audio and using a good quality microphone and recording equipment in a soundproofed room.

  1. A voice-over artist saves time

Because a voice-over artist is a professional actor and an expert the job will be done the right way from the start so time is saved. When time can be saved money can be saved too on the recording costs. If you do not have easy access to sound equipment, a recording studio or editing software, voice-over artists do have this access and can include using these facilities in the price of the job. They can also edit the audio tracks. This offers a cost-effective option so that you don’t need to rent an audio facility and the right equipment yourself.

  1. A voice-over artist accepts feedback and will follow instructions 

When asked to use their voice in a specific way a voice-over artist understand features when using their voice such as cadence, diction, inflection, pitch, tone and emphasis.

Voice-over translations

In the digital age providing video content for a multilingual audience is essential. So that content can be understood more easily understood and be more meaningful companies today are setting up partnerships with translation services that offer voice-over translations for video material and eLearning videos. Voice-over translations use translation techniques, such as voice replacement, off-screen voice-overs, actor substitutions and lip-synching. Depending on your business objectives, the tone and content of the video that requires a voice-over translation can be calculated if you work with professional translation services that can help you decide which technique should be used. There are several possibilities when it comes to translations such as transcriptions and sub-titling the benefit of using a voice over translation is clear.

Voice-overs are better than subtitles

A corporate video voice-over translation is far better than subtitling because with subtitling the viewer needs to concentrate on following the words that appear on the screen. At times the viewer may miss some of the message shown on the video because it is not easy to watch both the subtitles and video at the same time. When new information is encountered it could be hard to understand the new information when subtitles and video have to be followed at the same time. However, when using voice over translations it is easier for the viewer to understand the main point the video is conveying.


Voice-over translations make sure that translated material is appropriately aligned with the initial video content. When the voice-over is performed in a studio, the translator and its team will have access to the right sound equipment. After the voice over has been finished the post-production activities include cleaning up audio files and adjusting the softest and loudest sounds so that the quality of the sound of the finished voice-over is perfect.

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