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Translation Services for Government Departments


Minimise your risks

Achieve consistency

Ensure compliance

Promote cultural inclusion

Translation services for the public sector

As an Australian public servant, you know how crucial the provision of information to community groups with limited English skills is. The government cannot afford to compromise the quality and accessibility of such information. We already successfully collaborate with federal, state and local governments on a regular basis, both for one-off projects and in the framework of large tenders that we have won. We have a thorough understanding of the needs of the public sector: Quality and consistency are paramount, and risks are to be minimised.

Cultural inclusion and diversity

Many of the public-sector clients who we work with already have a language policy ensuring that information is available in multiple languages. Aussie Translations supports the provision of equal access to information for the Australian public in a variety of languages, and assists government bodies with translating public information. Aussie Translations works regularly with qualified, accredited and capable translators in all languages.

Compliance and accuracy

For you as a representative of a government department, our work centres on integrity and accuracy of information. All Aussie Translations government translation solutions are

  • handled by translators with current NAATI translator accreditation
  • politically correct and culturally sensitive
  • treated with sensitivity and confidentiality
  • managed with great professionalism to minimise the risk of disruptions.managed with great professionalism to minimise the risk of disruptions.
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