The Ultimate Guide to Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Last Updated On: September 4, 2023

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Benefits of Remote Interpretation

What is remote simultaneous interpretation?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) lets conference interpreters work from anywhere in the world by using a cloud-based platform. That means live real-time interpreting from qualified professional interpreters can be used at any online meeting, hybrid conference, or webinar.

The benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation

RSI has brought some clear benefits to interpreters when compared to traditional conference interpreting, where an interpreter is required to travel to the conference, use up a complete day, and perform from a booth at the conference venue. Simultaneous interpretation has the following benefits:

  • With much less travel required and working from home being the norm, interpreters can spend more time with their family and friends; 
  • interpreters no longer have to endure long waits at airports, at venues between conferences, or for transport; 
  • because connections are done remotely, interpreters can now interpret in several meetings in one day, even if they happen in distant places. For instance, an interpretation required in Madrid can now take place in Sydney in the morning and in California in the evening using RSI. 

The difference between remote simultaneous interpretation and traditional simultaneous interpretation

Remote simultaneous interpretation can have many benefits over traditional on-site simultaneous interpretation. Remote simultaneous interpretation is done virtually, with interpreters off-site, while traditional SI is done in-person. Both offer real-time language translation for effective communication.


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    • It’s cost-effective. RSI minimizes travel-related expenses for the interpretation team and simplifies planning.
    • It’s a much simpler setup. There is a less complex venue setup when you use remote simultaneous interpretation. 
    • It’s user-friendly. In today’s world, most individuals are owners of smartphones and can use apps. This makes RSI a much easier solution.
    • It’s flexible. RSI software is cloud-based and can be accessed at any time and anywhere, in many languages. So whether there is just one participant and one language, or thousands of participants with several languages, RSI can accommodate different types and sizes of audiences.

    Remote simultaneous interpretation makes meetings, webinars, and events inclusive

    Here are some tips for using remote simultaneous interpretation effectively.

    Listen hard

    Interpreters are required to perform two tasks at once. They have to listen carefully and speak when they are not listening. Listening with care helps to guess what words are likely to come next. This prevents delays from occurring when providing the interpretation.

    Understand the targeted culture

    If the interpreter has a thorough knowledge of the culture of the language that is being interpreted, this improves the quality of the interpretations by decreasing the likelihood of mistakes in pronunciation and grammar.  Each language has words and phrases that have a cultural significance but are only known to people who are speakers of that language. 

    Control speed and tone

    Maintaining a consistent speed and tone of voice when interpreting makes it easier for the recipients of the interpretation to understand.  

    Remain calm when confronted by an awkward situation

    Misinterpreting a speaker’s words happens quite often and when it does it’s important to go back and repeat the interpretation correctly. However, if just small errors have been made it’s better to leave them so that more important parts of the interpretation are maintained without extending the break between listening and interpreting. 


    Overall, interpreters gain from RSI because there is less need to travel long distances, less waiting time at busy airports, and the chance to take on several projects one after the other which attracts the opportunity to boost pay. This in turn improves the interpreter’s quality of life as more time can be spent relaxing with family and friends and there is more money available to buy both necessities and luxuries. The interpreter also has the chance to choose workload depending on what they prioritize in the knife.

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