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Language services for non-profit organisations

Language services for non-profit organisations

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How we can help you as a non-profit organisation

From local community groups to global players such as Amnesty International, non-profit organisations like yours across Australia and the world are already using Aussie Translations’ expertise. We can help you to

  • reach out to culturally diverse groups of people;
  • promote your organisation to existing multicultural sponsors or members;
  • establish efficient operational procedures on an international scale.

Beyond translation

Using more than one language can be a powerful tool in your organisation – whether you’re operating on a local, national or international scale. Here are some examples of how clients have advanced their cause by using our services:

  • We can translate your promotional material into the native language of potential sponsors or members, increasing awareness and revenue.
  • We can create easy-to-understand instructional or informational videos in languages other than English, so that you can reach out to people with limited literacy.
  • We can research ethnic groups in your area: Do they know your organisation? Might they be interested in joining? How can you approach them?

Your cause in a global world

For you as the representative of a non-profit organisation, marketing your organisation to donors and sponsors in languages other than English is crucial; and so is the need to communicate with culturally and linguistically diverse people. You are dedicated to furthering a particular cause, but socially or economically sensitive issues are hard to talk about for many people in any language. To get your message across beyond language barriers, contact us today. We’re positive it’ll be a worthwhile call.

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