Privacy Policy


This is the privacy policy of Aussie Translations. It relates to any personal information collected by Aussie Translations. It is provided in response to an individual's need for privacy and security of their personal information. Aussie Translations will never disclose or use any information without prior consent. This policy contains an explanation of what information they collect and how that information is used.

Collection of Information

Aussie Translations will collect only information that they will need to perform their services. This information allows Aussie Translations to operate and tailor their services to buyer demands.

  • Information is collected when buyers enter into a service contract.
  • Buyer contact details will be recorded to be used only in specific circumstances: when a buyer needs to make further decisions to expedite the buying process; in instances where the service is disturbed; or in case of emergencies.
  • Information is collected when potential employees sign up to provide services for the company.
  • Information may be collected relating to people that make contact with us via our website.
  • The type of personal information collected includes name, email address, phone number, and financial information (such as a credit card or bank account number). All information will be treated as strictly confidential.

Releasing Information -
Use or Disclosure

Aussie Translations may release or disclose personal information only in specific circumstances:

  • If they believe it will be in the interests of an individual's health or safety.
  • If an individual is suspected of illegal activity.

The only information that can be disclosed or used is information that an individual has previously given their consent to be disclosed or used.

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