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  • Many languages do not use the Western "A to Z" alphabet. So called "proper nouns" (names of people, places, and organisations) can be translated in more than one way. There is no right or wrong – it is personal preference.
  • You have to provide us with all preferred spellings before we start the translation. Without having all preferred spellings, the translator will only be able to guess the spelling, which might frustrate you and cause delays if the document then needs to be changed.
  • Australian law limits name variability to pronunciation issues. We are not allowed to, and will not under any circumstances, change the order of name components, change a name significantly, omit a name or part of a name, add a name or part of a name, or Anglicise a name (such as Piotr to Peter, etc.)
  • If your document contains information that you don't like, you need to discuss this with the respective authority. We do not "fix" documents. If you think that the outcome of the translation might not satisfy you because the information on the original document is incorrect, do not place an order. Should you raise such concerns afterwards, then you will not be entitled to a refund. Please also note that repeated requests to alter a translation beyond what is legally allowed must be reported by us to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
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