Common Translation Errors in Birth Certificate Translation

onNovember 20, 2023

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A Brief Guide to Getting a Birth Certificate Translated Into English
20th November 2023

It is important to get an accurate birth certificate translation because this is a legal document so a translation of this document is likely to be used for legal purposes like proof of age in many situations such as an application for a driver’s license, a passport, a request for a criminal clearance document, entry to a school or university and migration to another country. In all these situations errors in a birth certificate ... View More

Key Steps in the Localisation Process

onOctober 16, 2023

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Localisation Process
16th October 2023
What is the Localisation Process?

Localisation is a process of modifying, adapting, and restructuring website content for a target audience in a different language. Translation is just one part of the process as you also must ensure the original meaning, intention, and vision of the content still aligns with your brand, as well considering the local values of the targeted group. Localisation is all about making a website feel like it has been written with ... View More

Importance of Medical Translation Services

Health Care and Medical Translation
4th October 2023
Types of medical translations

Medical translation services are in high demand today as people migrate to other countries throughout the world and aren’t always competent in the language of their new country. They may even bring medical documentation with them that is only written in their own native language. Other uses of medical translation services are the translation of medical research documents from research that has been conducted and reported in a single language that ... View More

Your Complete Guide to Brochure Translation

Brochure Translation
18th September 2023
The importance of brochure translation in global marketing

Translating brochures has become more important as businesses demand worldwide marketing in this globalized age for their products. Reaching out to possible customers in their own native language becomes necessary, not optional, as businesses boost their activities across international borders. 

Here are some reasons why brochure translation is important in international marketing:

  • Businesses can attract and engage a wider audience when brochures are translated into several languages.
  • Businesses can ... View More

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Benefits of Remote Interpretation
4th September 2023
What is remote simultaneous interpretation?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) lets conference interpreters work from anywhere in the world by using a cloud-based platform. That means live real-time interpreting from qualified professional interpreters can be used at any online meeting, hybrid conference, or webinar.

The benefits of remote simultaneous interpretation

RSI has brought some clear benefits to interpreters when compared to traditional conference interpreting, where an interpreter is required to travel to the conference, use up a complete day, and ... View More

The Importance of Accuracy and Quality in Linguistic Projects

The Importance of Accuracy and Quality in Linguistic Projects
7th August 2023
Maintaining linguistic accuracy

Linguistic accuracy is how correct learners’ use of the language system is, including how they use grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Accuracy is often compared to fluency when we are talking about a learner’s level of speaking or writing. There is nothing more important than maintaining linguistic accuracy when it comes to translated documents that are shared with others, whether these are businesses or public organizations. This ensures that mutual understanding takes place.

Consistency and ...
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What Are The Benefits Of Voice Over Translation Service And Its Challenges?

Benefits of Voice Over Translation Service
19th July 2023

Voice-over translation places a translated audio track over the original dialogue in videos. This type of translation solution is best suited to a factual production, such as a documentary, a news report, an interview, or the recordings of live events.

Importance of effective communication in today’s globalized world

A voice-over translation is just another method of ensuring the most effective communication strategy in the world today.

Role of voice-over translation in bridging language barriers

As with all ... View More

Translation Strategies for Business Negotiations and Contracts

onJune 19, 2023

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Business contracts and negotiations translation
19th June 2023

With so many businesses eager to market their products to overseas markets there are several steps that need to be followed before successful sales are likely to take place. The first is organizing and negotiating contracts with those responsible for marketing a product to the market in their own country. These are likely to be people who are native speakers of the language of the targeted country.

Importance of translation in business negotiations and contracts

There are ... View More

The Impact of Translation on International Marketing Strategies

Marketing translation and transcreation
5th May 2023

There has never been a better time for highlighting the importance of international marketing for businesses. Covid is more or less under control, borders are open and most importantly people are eager to spend their money. This is the time for putting hard marketing strategies into place and this doesn’t just mean investing a ton of money in a mammoth advertising campaign, but ensuring that all this well-researched material is translated effectively into the ... View More

What are the Challenges Faced By Translators While Translating Subtitles?

Subtitle Translation
24th April 2023
What is subtitling? What is subtitle translation?

Subtitling is one of the commonest types of audiovisual translation. It makes it possible to access different types of entertainment, like movies, games, and documentaries by a greater number of people. A subtitle translation is the translation of a video’s language into another language through the use of written text subtitles. It requires the skills of trained translators who are highly efficient at translating conversations into subtitles. 

Subtitle Translation Errors 

There ... View More