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Last Updated On: September 18, 2023

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Brochure Translation

The importance of brochure translation in global marketing

Translating brochures has become more important as businesses demand worldwide marketing in this globalized age for their products. Reaching out to possible customers in their own native language becomes necessary, not optional, as businesses boost their activities across international borders. 

Here are some reasons why brochure translation is important in international marketing:

  • Businesses can attract and engage a wider audience when brochures are translated into several languages.
  • Businesses can establish trust when they communicate with potential clients in their own language and it shows respect for their way of life and culture. A successful business typically depends on a sound client relationship, which is created through acts of kindness.
  • A well-translated brochure shows that a business is professional and dedicated to offering superior customer service. It boosts a brand’s reputation by initiating the concept that the business is knowledgeable, and international, and shows sensitivity towards cultural differences.
  • It creates a competitive advantage when money is spent on the translation of brochures. 
  • Increased sales take place when a well-presented brochure is able to persuade potential customers to purchase a product or service by communicating clearly the value it could offer.

Steps in a brochure translation

  • The first step is to establish the objectives and expected audience of the brochure translation. 
  • The second step is the brochure in its original language for its style, content, tone, and layout of the translator. This leads to a plan for the translation.  Translators use this step to make a plan for how to approach the translation project.
  • The third step is when a glossary is created with specialized jargon that will be required in the translation.
  • The fourth step is the commencing of the translation itself.
  • The fifth step entails the use of localization when the content is tailored to fit the targeted audience’s cultural, and linguistic preferences such as the use of pictures, patterns, colors, and graphics that fit that culture.
  • The sixth step is proofreading and editing where any grammatical or spelling errors are found and corrected.

Selecting the right translation service: 8 factors to consider

  • Whether the translation service is a real human service.
  • Security protocols.
  • Reputation.
  • Price.
  • Long-Term Needs. 
  • Industry Knowledge.
  • Delivery Times.
  • Customer Service.

The impact of machine translation on brochure translation

Machine translation tends to increase productivity and delivers translations quickly, reducing the time to deliver to the client. There is not so much human involvement in the machine translation process which reduces both the cost and delivery time.


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    The role of professional translators in brochure translation

    A professional translator is trained to not just translate the words but also put across the intended tone, meaning, and nuances of the original text. The translator also takes into account any cultural differences and sensitivities ensuring the translated brochure is both culturally appropriate and suits the targeted market.

    Cost of brochure translation: understanding pricing and value

    The cost of translation of brochures starts at $25 a page. The exact price per page varies depending on the amount of text on each page and the translation languages. Get an online price quote now on the GTS website and find out how much it costs to translate your brochure.

    6 Tips for optimizing your brochure for translation

    • Keep sentences short. 
    • Use standard English word order.
    • Use the same terms consistently.
    • Don’t include jokes, jargon, idioms, and metaphors.
    • Be clear with the use of time and dates.  
    • Plan for text expansion when translating into another language.


    Brochures are a useful marketing product as long as they are translated to suit the targeted audience.

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