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You want to get your message across and ensure that it reaches the target audience. That’s what we have been doing for over 10 years: We provide translation services for businesses, governments and individuals across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Our strategy is simple: What we deliver is linguistically and technically perfect. Rigorous quality and a comprehensive 24/7 service have made us an industry leader. If you are seeking an Australian language service provider and translation agency, you have come to the right place.



Applying high standards to every step of recruitment and project management helps foster great results from our team; but we don't stop there. Our rigorous review process is the key to how we are able to assess deliverables and guarantee the quality of our work. This, coupled with ongoing education and internal testing, helps to ensure that our quality is sustainable and consistent. In the end, professional translation services require experience, skill, and commitment.



Headings lie … sometimes. Our professional translation services are not free, but they're not too expensive either. Translation service prices vary wildly. You can get your translation done for free or for next to nothing, or spend a dollar per word. What is it with these differences? Here's our very honest analysis of pricing in the language service industry:

Very low translation prices Very high translation prices Free translations (Woohoo!)
Translators are professionals, often with tertiary degrees and other well-paid jobs (think lawyers, doctors, high-ranking civil servants). They don't want to translate for the minimum wage. If someone does, it's because they probably have to. Maybe they're so bad that they struggle at keeping their clients; or their work is just so mediocre that price is their only distinguishing feature. In either case, low rates should make you suspicious. You're not buying a bag of lollies, but an intellectual service; and you want someone smart, professional and committed handling your text. There are a lot of translation agencies and translators who just hope that you don't compare – same as in any other industry (think tradespeople). Unfortunately, a high price doesn't say anything about quality, and you may end up with the same low level you would have received had you chosen the x-cent-per-word option. Your best defence mechanism is to shop around, as you would in any other industry. If you contact two plumbers, one might charge you $200, and one $800. Guess who's ripping you off… Google Translate is the market leader in automatic translations, and it works OK for simple texts in certain languages. Maybe we won't need human translators in 10 years' time – but that time has not come yet. The output is not good enough for professional purposes, and then there's no certification either. Plus, you wave goodbye to privacy once you copy a text into Google Translate. We're not so deluded as to say that machine translations will never replace us, but it hasn't happened yet. So, unless you only need to get the gist of a text, machine translation is not for you.

So what about our prices? They're mid-market. We pay our translators more than just a living wage, because we want to retain the best experts; but we don't ignore the global marketplace either. And then there's our track record of successfully handling even the most complex project in the field of professional translation services in Australia – for law firms, hospitals, government departments, or individuals. You'll receive a translation that works, and that you can be proud of … without having to take on a second mortgage.

Proven translation quality assurance

Applying high standards to every step of recruitment and project management helps foster great results from our team. But we don't stop there. Our rigorous review process is the key to how we are able to assess deliverables and guarantee the quality of our work. This, coupled with ongoing education and internal testing, helps to ensure that our quality is sustainable and consistent.

Quality Assurance


Whether you need your professional translation in a few weeks or a few hours, we have the structure and process-management skills to handle it. Everything we do is directly supported by our company base of project managers and process overseers, who pull the strings to make sure that we have the right number of translators and business professionals working in the right specialties and languages.

With so many moving parts, our management staff use advanced project and communication software to resource and manage all of our clients and projects. We know what works based on personal experience, professional insight, and feedback from our wide-ranging customer base. It all comes full circle, back to our promise to you. A promise to deliver skill, commitment and passion. Contact us today for a free quote.


If you're currently sourcing a translation agency, you will come across a lot of providers. What you'll read here is insider industry knowledge.

To begin with, a core problem in the translation industry is that many clients like you will never know whether they received a quality translation. Some clients may be able to understand the translation, but most don't; which is why they need a translation services provider in the first place. So, it's a trust situation, similar to hiring a lawyer: You pay for a service, but you can never be 100 percent sure whether it could have been done better. If mistakes have been made, you'll probably never know.

The solution? Select a translation provider that

  • has a track record of long-term clients, especially government clients. (We do a lot of work for Australian state and local governments, and regular win tenders.)
  • has been in the market for a while. (We've been around for 10 years.)
  • has genuine online reviews. (Google us.)
  • is in your country. (We're an Australian company with staff in Sydney and Brisbane, servicing all states and cities.)


There is a difference between a translation that is just OK, and one from a professional translation service. Aussie Translations does not take shortcuts. The language industry is saturated with translation service companies promising expertise and experience. But many of them are only just good enough to get by.
We appreciate the complexities of communication; and so do our long-term clients from the public and private sector in Australia. Our recruiters only hire the best language professionals, and set a non-negotiable expectation of proven, tested skills.


  • Aussie Translations has been a trusted Australian provider of professional translation services for many years, and has contracts with government departments on state and federal levels.
  • We translate, interpret, copy-write, localise, subtitle, proofread, edit, create videos, and plan multilingual marketing campaigns.
  • We provide translation service over 150 languages and dialects, including indigenous, emerging and rare languages, working with individuals and clients from the private and public sector across Australia.
  • By blending the best of both offline and online translation services, we deliver experiences that surprise and delight – on budget, on time, and on scope.

Aussie Translations are Business Experts

Put your trust in the business and translation experts at Aussie Translations. When creating business content, your company's message is carefully and professionally constructed; choose a company that specialises in business translations, to ensure that your message maintains its integrity and professional tone. The translators at Aussie Translations are qualified and experienced in business, and more importantly, they are familiar with your specific industry. They are marketing experts, business owners, accountants, financial planners and qualified trainers.


You may not know how to formally address a German politician or a Chinese delegate, but Aussie Translations does. Don't let cultural differences hinder the efficacy of your important international relationships. Trust Aussie Translations with the important task of ensuring that your company's translations are culturally sensitive and appropriate for your target audience.

The Presentation Counts

Your company's annual report contains numbers, tables, links, graphs, charts and photos. The team at Aussie Translations will ensure that your documents retain their formatting, and any changes required to maintain the language integrity will be discussed with your company in depth. Contact Aussie Translations today to discuss your company's translation requirements.
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