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Your press releases, reports, presentations and website content all reflect the success of your organisation. It is essential that the message you deliver is professional and well-crafted. Errors in typography, grammar and punctuation have a negative impact on credibility. When seeking a proofreading solution for your important documents in any language, talk to Aussie Translations. Our proofreading services are world-class, and we strive to meet and exceed your quality expectations.

Why professional proofreading makes business sense

Types of documents

Aussie Translations offers English and foreign-language proofreading of grammar, syntax, punctuation and formatting for a selection of document types for business and academic purposes, as well as for private or personal use:

Business Academic Personal
Marketing materials Assignments Letters
Website copy Theses/Dissertations Wills
Financial reports Publications/Papers Emails
Manuals Presentations Manuscripts
Legal documents Posters Legal documents

A fresh pair of eyes

At Aussie Translations your documents are proofread by a fresh pair of eyes, belonging to someone who is a native speaker of your target language. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of a translation provided by another agency, use Aussie Translations' proofreading services for an exceptional result. Our proofreaders are trained professionals, well-versed in the art of identifying errors in spelling, unnatural phrasing, structural problems and formatting errors. The end result is a document that reads smoothly and clearly while maintaining the integrity of your original text and delivering your message as intended.

A collaborative approach leaves you in control.

Rather than editing your document, Aussie Translations' proofreaders identify errors and suggest improvements, leaving you in charge of the end result. We remain in contact during every step of the process, and you are consulted on all amendments and suggestions for improvement. For a comprehensive and time-efficient solution, combine your proofreading services with copy-editing by Aussie Translations.

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