Get Your Technical SEO Spot On With Translated Content

onMarch 29, 2018

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Spot on SEO with proper translation
29th March 2018

It’s all very well getting your business’s marketing requirements translated into your targeted languages, but you need to get your seo website right too in order to have any effect.
There are some basic facts concerning an SEO content management system which should be considered to get the most out of your translated text.

  • Make sure your content is geo-targeted

If your company has a different product or prices that are listed in a ... View More

Small Translation Errors Can Result In Big Problems

onMarch 19, 2018

inTranslation Tips

Small Translation Errors
19th March 2018

There are many instances when just small translation mistakes that have occurred have proved to be very expensive. There are four of these examples explained below.

The 71 Million Dollar Word

18 year old Willie Ramirez was admitted unconscious into a Florida hospital. His friends and family had a go at explaining what they thought had caused the problem to the physician present in the medical facility. The problem was they couldn’t speak ... View More