How You Should Ensure You Get the Medical Translation Service You Really Want

onJune 30, 2015

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30th June 2015

Medical TranslationFew people would disagree that medical documents must be translated absolutely accurately, whether they are instructions for the use of medical equipment, prescriptions for drugs and medicine or when patients whose first language is other than English attend a medical institution. Getting the translation wrong could mean serious health problems and could also be considered medical malpractice if it is knowingly allowed ... View More

How Should Translators Market Their Skills?

onJune 16, 2015


Marketing Skills
16th June 2015

Marketing Skills

The biggest step towards being a paid translator for any translation services in Australia is getting a language degree. From this, more proficiency in language translation occurs while using CAT a computer assisted programme that stores commonly used words and phrases which enables the translator to showcase his or her proficiency by always using the correct terms.

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Medical Device Translation has to be Done With Care

onJune 9, 2015


Medical Device Translation
9th June 2015

Medical Device Translation Medical devices that are marketed overseas need to have vital information concerning the medical device translated into the languages of the country that the device is to be sold. This means instructions concerning usage including risks and warnings associated with the product.  There are certain things you should not do when it comes to translating medical device information as ... View More

Common Legal Documents that Often Need Translating

onJune 5, 2015


legal document
5th June 2015

Providing a reliable and accurate translation of any legal documents cannot be underestimated as any poorly translated document could mean lack of understanding which in the long run could result in money or property loss. Using a reliable and proven translation services means you will get the best translation where meaning is clear. There are several important legal documents that often need translating which include the following.


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So What on Earth is an Apostille?

onJune 3, 2015


apostille legal documents
3rd June 2015

apostille legal documents

Legal document translators need to be proficient in understanding a full range of legal document types. Because of the variation in the law ad legal terms, legal document translation services are often specialised so that specific documents can be translated professionally. An example is a document called an “apostille”.

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How Can Niche Marketing Help Translators?

onJune 2, 2015


2nd June 2015

NicheMost businesses have to go global to be competitive, as the bigger the market for their products, the better they can compete to get the lion’s share of the market. When a business markets its products it uses language that expresses the characteristics of the product that sets it apart from any similar products in the same industry. This makes it simpler for potential ... View More