How Can Niche Marketing Help Translators?

Last Updated On: August 17, 2016



NicheMost businesses have to go global to be competitive, as the bigger the market for their products, the better they can compete to get the lion’s share of the market. When a business markets its products it uses language that expresses the characteristics of the product that sets it apart from any similar products in the same industry. This makes it simpler for potential customers to select out that product in favour of other similar products.

A Company Needs Translation Services

When going global companies have to get their product descriptions, handbooks-manuals and advertising material translated into the languages of their potential market. This opens more doors for them and gives them an edge over competitors who have not yet followed that translation route.


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    When a company takes on a document translation service to undertake this important translation work the translator will be looking at the marketing terms the company is using in its native language. From this the translator will find appropriate words, phrases and cliches in the pair language so that potential consumers can still tell the product apart from any similar ones sold by competitors.

    For example, McDonald’s fast food restaurants have a global brand but English is not used to market it in say South American countries. An English –Spanish translator will have the job of portraying a niche brand such as this in appropriate Spanish so that the words and phrases used mirror those in English.

    Idiomatic English is something that rarely has any obvious equivalents in other languages so the translator has to think carefully how idioms are used in the pair language so that the translation closely matches the original in meaning. Brands such as McDonalds has grown because of the way they have been marketed not the product that is sold at the end of the line. Website translation services have to keep the product’s tradition by using marketing language in the pair language that is closest in meaning to the original language.

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