How Should Translators Market Their Skills?

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017


Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills

The biggest step towards being a paid translator for any translation services in Australia is getting a language degree. From this, more proficiency in language translation occurs while using CAT a computer assisted programme that stores commonly used words and phrases which enables the translator to showcase his or her proficiency by always using the correct terms.


From this, a marketing strategy for marketing translation services is a useful tool that requires time, skills and money. A good starter is designing and printing business cards with your own unique recognisable logo. These can be on hand to be passed to any prospective clients that you may meet. You should also have available a handful of CVs. This tactic is relatively inexpensive as a starter.

The next step is to purchase a domain name and design a website that accurately and persuasively markets your skills. If you have the money you can get a professional web designer to do the job for you. He or she will not only design a website but will play a role in marketing your skills too. Good web designers are savvy people but their services are not cheap.

From this point on you have to be a goal setter so that you can be sure your investment is paid for. This means that it is time to market your brand to draw in clients. Marketing is basically informing others about your exceptional skills as a translator. Once the message has been effectively passed around you should have many new clients on your books. These clients if they are happy with your work will eagerly recommend you others who are seeking your translation services.

When creating a marketing strategy your uniqueness is important. This is what clients like as they feel the service you are offering is more tailored to their requirements. You should learn client seeking tactics, some of which you can pick up from your competitors. From this you can market your services through emails, your CV and social media platforms.

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