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Formatting and typesetting

Scientists and researchers dedicate long hours and late nights to their life's work. When translating scientific documents into another language, choose the Australian scientific translation experts, Aussie Translations. We treat your information with the respect and integrity it deserves.

Aussie Translations' scientific and research translators have solid expertise and extensive experience in the scientific research field. Our commitment to high-quality translation, accuracy and integrity will ensure that your life's work is represented impeccably in your target language.

COMMON SCientific document TYPEs that we translate:

  • Journal articles
  • Theses
  • Assignments
  • Cover letters for submission of papers
  • StudiesStudies
  • Consent forms
  • Patient surveys and questionnaires
  • Manuscripts
  • Applications for research positions
  • Posters
  • Grant applications

work with someone who understands your field!

Scientific translation requires expertise and a solid understanding of the fields of research and academic writing. Amongst Aussie Translations' translators are PhDs, medical specialists, scientists, and experienced researchers. Choose Aussie Translations to be assured of a capable translation team who you can trust to be responsible for the precision and accuracy of your important research work.

Cultural Sensitivity

Study-participant questionnaires can be difficult and exacting to translate; however, a translation is often essential if the sample group contains non-English speakers. Aussie Translations ensures that the data and questions that you ask will be translated in an unbiased yet culturally sensitive manner.


Tables, references, diagrams and other formatting requirements differ for submission to different institutions, companies and scientific journals. Aussie Translations will assist you with the appropriate formatting and will present your articles and documents in the best and most professional format for submission. The team will be happy to advise you on how to find the perfect scientific translation solution. Contact Aussie Translations now for a free quote.

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