Why e-Learning just grows and grows whatever the language it’s in

onNovember 2, 2014

inTranslation Trends

e-learningEveryone knows that the Internet is not dominated by English alone even though you may think so especially if it’s your language. Every country around the world has access to the Internet and many have translated web pages into their own unique language. When it comes to a local business in Japan, for example, in order to sell the product the website has to ... View More

The Languages of Social Media and why social media translation rocks

onNovember 1, 2014

inTranslation Trends

Translation & Social MediaSocial media sites are today’s communication without the need for verbal expression. Snippets of information about anything and everything are passed between users ranging from the birth of a new child to the purchasing of a product. Inadvertently, social media users are advertising machines for products or services that have been purchased and are either great or terrible. Whatever information is posted can ... View More