Translation Strategies for Business Negotiations and Contracts

onJune 19, 2023

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Business contracts and negotiations translation
19th June 2023

With so many businesses eager to market their products to overseas markets there are several steps that need to be followed before successful sales are likely to take place. The first is organizing and negotiating contracts with those responsible for marketing a product to the market in their own country. These are likely to be people who are native speakers of the language of the targeted country.

Importance of translation in business negotiations and contracts

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The Global Expansion of E-commerce Websites Through Translation.

onJune 6, 2023


Tips for Building Multilingual Websites
6th June 2023
The importance of translation for e-commerce websites

The main function of an e-commerce translation is to construct an online store that is multilingual and is up and running and well prepared to attract and convert customers from each targeted language market. In order to make each language version of an e-commerce website visible in the different search engines you need to develop a different site for each language and its audience and connect them at ... View More

The Rise of Remote Interpreting Services and Their Benefits

onMay 15, 2023


Benefits of Remote Interpretation
15th May 2023
What is remote interpreting? 

Remote interpreting is the act of interpreting at a distance which doesn’t involve face-to-face encounters. Video remote interpreting services use video conferencing tools to offer their interpretation services. This process usually requires that an interpreter is well-equipped with both a video camera and a headset. The client is then able to communicate with the interpreter using either a computer or a smartphone. There is no need for any physical contact to be ... View More

The Impact of Translation on International Marketing Strategies

Marketing translation and transcreation
5th May 2023

There has never been a better time for highlighting the importance of international marketing for businesses. Covid is more or less under control, borders are open and most importantly people are eager to spend their money. This is the time for putting hard marketing strategies into place and this doesn’t just mean investing a ton of money in a mammoth advertising campaign, but ensuring that all this well-researched material is translated effectively into the ... View More

What are the Challenges Faced By Translators While Translating Subtitles?

Subtitle Translation
24th April 2023
What is subtitling? What is subtitle translation?

Subtitling is one of the commonest types of audiovisual translation. It makes it possible to access different types of entertainment, like movies, games, and documentaries by a greater number of people. A subtitle translation is the translation of a video’s language into another language through the use of written text subtitles. It requires the skills of trained translators who are highly efficient at translating conversations into subtitles. 

Subtitle Translation Errors 

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Localisation Challenges in Software Development

software localisation
10th April 2023
What is localization in software development?

Software localization is the process used to adapt the software to both the language and culture of the end user, from appropriate standards of measurement to video and graphic designs. It involves not just translation, but also design changes so that the look of the software and its feel appear natural to the targeted user.

Some common changes when localizing software are:

  • changing the local currency; 
  • changing measurements;
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Importance of Contract Translation

onMarch 22, 2023

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Challenges & Importance of Contract Translation
22nd March 2023
What is contract translation? 

Contracts are written agreements made between two or more parties that are considered legally binding. They are becoming increasingly necessary in a more globalised world where businesses and governments are involved in a multitude of different negotiations and agreements. It is absolutely essential that the wording used in a contract conveys the meaning of the agreement explicitly. Where the parties that are involved in signing a contract speak and understand different ... View More

The Importance of Working With a Legal Interpreter

onMarch 6, 2023


Legal Translation
6th March 2023
What is legal interpreting?

In societies that have become ever more multilingual, interpreting and translating services are becoming ever more important. Legal interpreting is needed in many situations that require communication between people who understand and speak different languages. Legal interpreting involves real-time interpreting of audio communication. This may be in a situation in which those involved in the communication are present in the same room as the legal interpreter, or the legal interpreter is ... View More

What is the Difference Between Translation, Transcreation, and Copywriting?

Brochure Translation
16th February 2023
1. What is a professional translation?

A professional translation is used for content that needs translation and may cover many different areas such as legal, medical, sport, education, and business. It is a product that provides an accurate translation that suits the targeted reader because it is created to match both culture and language. it involves substituting words in a language with words that are more or less equivalent in a second language.  It is ... View More

What are the Benefits of Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) in Hospitals?

Benefits of Remote Interpretation
3rd February 2023
What is a video remote interpreting service?

Today, video remote interpretation is a fast-growing language service that is being used by the healthcare industry. VRI is considered to be an effective and safe method for use by healthcare professionals enabling easy communication with those who have limited use of English or who are partially or completely deaf. Using the services of professional interpreters increases patient satisfaction and lowers the chance of adverse events taking place. 

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