Methods of Audiovisual Translation

onMarch 30, 2022

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Methods of Audiovisual Translation
30th March 2022

Audiovisual translations are the translations of any audiovisual materials, such as e-learning materials, vlogs, promotional videos, and videogames. Before beginning an audiovisual translation it will need to be localised so it matches the needs of the targeted audience. 

Depending on who the recipients are for the audiovisual translation it will need to be culture-specific and tailored to a particular community within a country.  For example, despite the fact ... View More

Why Translation for Your Business is Like a Window on the World

onMarch 20, 2022

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Translation for Your Business
20th March 2022

Buyers seeking to buy a product are most likely to choose one which markets the product in their language. This provides them with the information they require when deciding to make a purchase. Some companies still believe that if they market their products overseas in English it will gain enough reputation to attract many buyers. Unfortunately, this isn’t normally the case today and the only way to grow its customer base is for the company is to provide translations in ... View More

How to Find the Right Technical Translator

onMarch 4, 2022

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Technical Translator
4th March 2022

A translator’s job is to transmit knowledge from one language to another which includes
technical translations. When seeking the “right” technical translator, there are a few factors that need to be considered:

Solid technological skills

The best technical translator knows how to use modern technology to ensure the accuracy of the technical translation. They will have a complete understanding of how to use translation memory (TM) and content management tools used to store business-specific technology. They should ... View More

Difficulties of Legal Translation

onFebruary 24, 2022

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Legal Translations
24th February 2022


Legal translations tend to be some of the most challenging translation tasks. Some of the common problems with these types of translations are that different legal systems that exist throughout the world use different terminology. Each country’s legal system often has its own legal terms that can’t be translated with ease into other languages. Legal translations need to be conducted by professional translators who have a thorough understanding of the legal system and ... View More

Six Tips for Choosing Translators for Your Business

onFebruary 20, 2022


Culture in Website Localisation

When selecting a translation business to connect with for your business’s international

document translation needs it is never an easy task to select just the right one. Here are
the five things you should consider before making your final decision about a
translation agency:



1. How your translations will be handled

The first thing to consider is how your translations will be handled. Some of ... View More

Targeting Ethnic Audiences to Sell Your Product or Service With Multilingual Marketing

onFebruary 13, 2022


Multilingual marketing strategy

In this day and age, global marketing is more important than ever before. This means a multilingual marketing strategy could be a missing link in your company if you want to reach your corporation’s goals. Many companies still believe that English is the most important language so why bother with translations. Any company which still adopts this strategy could be missing ... View More

Why a Birth Certificate Needs a Professional Translation

onFebruary 8, 2022



If your birth certificate is in a different language from the official language of the country you intend to work, live, study or get married in, it will need to be translated. A birth certificate is a legal document that is often requested for identity purposes. When it’s translated it needs to be a professional translation. If you are asked for ... View More

Different Types of Medical Translations

onFebruary 6, 2022


Why a Multilingual a Marketing Strategy is Needed by Big Brands

Australia is a multicultural country with a high percentage of the population whose first language is not English. Many people arrive in Australia who speak no English language at all and even 1st Nation Australians often speak a different language at home. These facts make it even more important that ... View More

Importance of Translating Your Vaccination Certificate

onJanuary 15, 2022


 Vaccination Certificate

When to translate a vaccination record

Today more and more countries are now accepting that COVID 19 is not going to disappear quickly, so they have made the decision to open borders to international travellers whether they are citizens or residents, sports players or business people.  This comes with certain conditions one of which is being able to prove you have been fully ... View More

How AV Translation Is Gifting a Wealth of Possibilities

onDecember 31, 2021


Translation for Your Business
31st December 2021


The term audiovisual translation (AVT) refers to the transfer from one language to another of the verbal content contained in audiovisual products such as films, TV programs, plays, musicals, operas, video games and web pages. These are just some of the examples of the many audiovisual products available which require translations. Audiovisual products are designed to be both seen and heard at the same time but they are mostly meant to be ... View More