What is the Difference Between Translation, Transcreation, and Copywriting?

Last Updated On: February 17, 2023

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1. What is a professional translation?

A professional translation is used for content that needs translation and may cover many different areas such as legal, medical, sport, education, and business. It is a product that provides an accurate translation that suits the targeted reader because it is created to match both culture and language. it involves substituting words in a language with words that are more or less equivalent in a second language.  It is essential that a translation provides the same meaning to readers when translated into their own native language. Content that frequently needs to be translated includes the following:

2. What is transcreation?

Transcreation is what happens when the translation and creation of the word are basically fused. It describes the content in a text that needs to be translated in a way that makes it more coherent and relevant to the targeted language group that is likely to read the translated content. 

Transcreation is sometimes referred to as creative translation because the text isn’t translated directly word for word even though the original meaning of the text is never lost. This means that words need to be adapted such as using suitable idioms, adjusting date formats, and making sure that the content of the text won’t offend the expected reader.


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    Using a transcreation service is often overlooked by many clients so their translated content might be a mismatch for their targeted audience. Transcreation typically involves the normal translation process but the translation has a creative twist so that it is relevant to the potential audience. Many translators are also copywriters so they are skilled in word use. They can translate content that includes a creative touch but they will always seek to maintain the current tone, intent, and style of the content. The transcreation will translate the content so that it fulfills the native audience’s needs and embedded within the final translation will be creativity that includes cultural knowledge that fits the values of the targeted audience. 

    Content that frequently needs creative transcreation includes:

    • stories;
    • advertising materials;
    • e-learning resources;
    • different kinds of blog posts.

    Advantages of transcreation

    • Content is tailored just for the target audience and its cultural background.
    • Creative translation of content ensures that the original content and the form of the delivery match one another.
    • Superior quality content is written by a native speaker.

    Disadvantages of transcreation

    • The process of completing a transcreation project will take longer than just performing the traditional translation.
    • It is likely to be more expensive than just the ordinary translation.

    The writers who specialize in transcreation need to find the right cultural context so they can write in a catchy and appealing way that attracts the customer. Often, professionals who provide people transcreation services are not only translators but are copywriters too.

    3. What is copywriting?

    Copywriting is frequently provided to clients who are eager to publish engaging and original content on their websites or any other location they choose. Unlike transcreation and translation, copywriting involves the creation of written content from scratch because no source text is provided to guide the copywriter. The copywriter may be provided with a brief and a style guide by the client so that the end product doesn’t need to be edited as it should match the requirements of the client. The copywriter will use the required style and tone and creativity so that content is created that will reach out to the client’s potential customers. Copywriting is not just in English but can be written in many languages so that a global audience can be attracted to the content.

    Content that frequently requires the service of a copywriter includes the following:

    • articles and blog posts;
    • content for social media platforms;
    • content for websites;
    • marketing materials;
    • press releases;
    • product reviews. 

    If you are seeking a professional to write your content for a multilingual audience whether it is a professional translation, transcreation, or copywriting service, hire us today.

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