What are the Benefits of Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) in Hospitals?

Last Updated On: October 16, 2023

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Benefits of Remote Interpretation

What is a video remote interpreting service?

Today, video remote interpretation is a fast-growing language service that is being used by the healthcare industry. VRI is considered to be an effective and safe method for use by healthcare professionals enabling easy communication with those who have limited use of English or who are partially or completely deaf. Using the services of professional interpreters increases patient satisfaction and lowers the chance of adverse events taking place. 

VRI will work when video-conferencing equipment is available at the two places that are set apart from one another. The interpreter will use a headset so that he or she can hear what the other person says and interpret it through the use of a web camera.

Video remote interpreting breaks down language barriers by quickly enabling a healthcare professional to communicate as required through a video connection. The interpreter bridges the communication gap that occurs between two people who do not share a common language.


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    Benefits of video interpreting in hospitals

    There are many advantages of using VRI which are described below.

    Quick response when faced with an emergency

    VRI allows fast access to an experienced medical interpreter in seconds. In fact, whenever there is a need for a medical interpreter in the hospital setting there is always a remote interpreter available in a multitude of languages.

    Interpreting services on-demand

    An on-demand service typically means gaining access as required. For example, hospital staff often has to deal with unplanned emergencies on a daily basis, and when this involves a non-English speaker it quickly needs the help of an interpreter. No time to wait for the on-site interpreter, who may be busy with another urgent assignment.

    Improved accuracy and speed

    If an emergency occurs and the usual on-site interpreter is not available remote video interpreting is the easy answer. Visual communication with VRI can offer an improvement in accuracy for the spoken language at breakneck speeds.

    An affordable service

    An on-site interpreting service typically charges by the hour and travel charges may be added to the bill.  However, using a remote video interpretation service allows any hospital to link up with a qualified interpreter when required. VRI services can assist in optimizing a hospital budget as well as adding visual support as well. 

    Video conferencing is easy to use

    It is not necessary to purchase expensive equipment to enable live interpretation as a hospital can pick up a live interpreter in a matter of seconds using a video conferencing tool like Zoom or a Telemedicine platform. Most people don’t even need to be taught to use these sorts of online communication tools as they use them in their everyday lives on a regular basis.

    Reduces travel and time 

    Sometimes medical personnel use VRI instead of an on-site interpreter, which saves both time and money. There is no need to wait for the arrival of the on-site interpreter and the costs are much lower when travel expenses don’t need to be paid or time spent when an onsite interpreter has nothing to do.

    Visual communication

    VRI allows for the use of non-verbal communication so that a patient can see the interpreter’s use of facial expressions which means the patient can tell the interpreter if their message has been correctly interpreted. 


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