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Asking a musician to write an engineering manual is absurd, and so is asking a translator without industry-specific knowledge to deal with your technical translations. User manuals, IT translations, documents for engineering or manufacturing, business manuals – these industries use their own language and terminology. When sourcing technical translations of these types of documents, choose the expert technical translators at Aussie Translations. We guarantee:

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Our Translators are Specialists

In addition to their exceptional language and translation skills, Aussie Translations' technical translators are hand-picked for their thorough knowledge of industry terminology. They have either worked extensively in your industry, or received special training in the industry's terminology. Be it workplace health and safety, IT, civil engineering, patent documentation or business information, rest assured that an Aussie Translations' technical translator will have the necessary expertise to handle your technical translation task. Furthermore, Aussie Translations ensures that our translators' extensive industry knowledge remains up to date, and the company has regular access to up-to-date glossaries and terminology.

Formatting Technical Translations

Technical translations often contain complex diagrams and images, both of which may require formatting after translation. Aussie Translations ensures that the images and diagrams in your document will retain the properties of your original language documents. The team at Aussie Translations are more than happy to advise you on the best possible technical translation solution for your documents. Contact Aussie Translations today for a free consultation.

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