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Aussie Translations offers linguistic services to defence authorities, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and related government departments and contractors.

When standard solutions are simply insufficient and when missions are critical, Aussie Translations can supply workflows and operational support. We supply qualified and security-vetted linguists where it matters most for national and global security.

If you are a potential intelligence or military client, please reach out to us now for a confidential discussion. We would be proud to help you to defend your interests against terrorism and other security hazards.

Translation services

Over 200 languages and thousands of linguists – Aussie Translations can support even the most exotic missions with qualified linguists in a myriad of language pairs. This includes on-site language services, sight translation, and interpretation, including in high-threat areas.

Content triage

In the medical world, triage is the process of determining the priority of patients based on the severity of their condition. We apply this principle to the language service industry: If you are faced with a large amount of content to be translated, we will sort and prioritise it for you, saving you time and money. This enables you to quickly find out what you actually have to get translated, and at which accuracy level. Triage is most useful during ongoing surveillance operations, or the analysis of wire intercepts.


In gisting, we provide you with a synopsis of the contents of your documents. Our analytical linguists study the material and write concise summaries. You as the client can then decide whether you want to drill down and get certain passages completed in full. This is an excellent tool for saving time and money if a large amount of documentation or audio/video footage needs to be analysed in a brief period of time.

Document and media exploitation

In document and media exploitation (DOMEX), we extract, analyse and/or translate content with the objective of obtaining as much useful information as possible in a timely manner. So if you are faced with a large amount of seemingly unstructured data, reach out to us, and we will dive for information.

Cultural preparation and training

Our training and preparation services can be customised around your employees’ specific situation and targeted to the specific region, county or city to which they will be relocating or deployed. Training services can be offered in capital cities across Australia, or on site at a venue of your choice.

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