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While translation is all about written documents, interpreting deals within live settings. Interpretation is the real-time oral translation of spoken language from one language into another. 

Aussie Translations has an excellent panel of NAATI-accredited interpreters in Australia, and is able to support individuals, businesses, and government authorities in all capital cities and in many regional areas, in a broad range of languages.

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Types of interpreting services

There are several types of interpreting, all of which Aussie Translations can offer:

  • In phone interpreting, the interpreter speaks with the parties in a group call setting. This can be done via traditional phones, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.
  • In conference interpreting, an Aussie Translations interpreter translates spoken language at meetings or conferences to facilitate communication between participants. This can be done simultaneously or consecutively.
  • In judicial interpreting, the interpreter facilitates communication in a legal setting. A common scenario is an assignment in a court room to translate a witness’ statement, or at a police station.
  • In escort interpreting, the interpreter travels together with the client (tour, meeting, visit, interview, etc.), either domestically or internationally. We do this mainly for large corporations or government delegations.
  • In community interpreting, the linguist supports an Australian government authority to communicate with CALD communities. Examples include information sessions on housing, infrastructure, and elections.
  • In medical interpreting, communication between a healthcare practitioner and a patient is facilitated. This usually takes place in hospitals or clinics.
  • Sign language interpreting (AUSLAN) supports communication between spoken English and sign language for those hard of hearing.
  • In media interpreting, the interpreter supports live TV coverages.

Costs of interpreting

Interpreting is a professional service, and is billed by the hour. The hourly rate of the professional depends on a broad range of factors, including

  • the languages involved;
  • the location of the assignment;
  • the location of the interpreter;
  • the type of interpreting;
  • the amount of preparation required.

As is the case for all our services, we strike a good balance between offering a high-end service for demanding clients, while also offering excellent value thanks to our efficient operations and processes – savings we can pass on to you without compromising quality.

How to book

Call us, email us or chat with us here on the website. We’ll quickly go through your requirements and then provide you with your options. Aussie Translations does not offer an automated booking interface due to the specialised nature of interpreting projects. We have found that a quick chat with one of our project managers about your needs helps us to find a much more suitable interpreter for you than just picking a random one. So don’t hesitate, and contact us now – it will be worth your while.

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