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Language services for education providers

As an education provider, you almost automatically have a culturally diverse audience. Our broad range of language services can significantly advance your organisation. Examples of how clients have used our services are:

  • Translation of marketing material to foreign languages to boost international recruitment;
  • Translation of policies and procedures to ensure better compliance by non-native English-speaking staff both in Australia and with overseas partners;
  • Production of multilingual advertising videos;
  • Provision of interpreters for conferences, presentations and exhibitions;
  • Local research to determine which ethnic groups are underserved and should be approached;

Many levels of education – one goal

Whether you’re a representative of a public or a private institution, in primary, secondary, or tertiary education, we probably already have a client similar to you, and are happy to use all our experience to advance your cause. In the end, education is a genuinely global affair. Being successful in the long run means communicating globally. Contact us now and draw from our experience with

  • universities in several Australian states;
  • public and private primary and secondary schools;
  • privately owned training providers;
  • TAFEs and workplace training providers.

Educational publishing

Aussie Translations regularly creates foreign-language versions of Australian books, a process that goes beyond mere translation. We effectively localise content, adapting your previous work to the target market and making sure it remains as relevant and refined as the English version. Customers in markets outside Australia are no less demanding, and we can help you to meet and exceed their expectations. Contact us now by using the form on this page.

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