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Legal Translation Services

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As a legal practitioner, you are no doubt subject to high workloads and constantly changing deadlines. Involving translators can add another layer of complexity, but it does not have to – Aussie Translations can facilitate the dealings with your clients. Whether your files comprise one page or one thousand, you will receive perfectly translated documents handled by a specialised legal translator (with NAATI translator accreditation). Our clients are regularly amazed at the efficiencies and cost savings we’re able to deliver as part of our legal document translation service.


With legal translations in particular, utmost accuracy and in-depth knowledge of the correct terminology are both crucial. Consistency is also essential, as document volumes are often large. The cornerstones of Aussie Translations' approach to managing your legal translation project are: -

  • Experienced legal translators who are either lawyers themselves, or very skilled in their field;
  • Editing and proofreading services for over 130 languages; and
  • established quality-management systems (ISO9001 equivalent).


We regularly work with both plaintiff and defendant firms, and are familiar with the mechanics of civil litigation, and especially class actions. Our experience includes legal, medical, and technical translations related to high-profile product-liability cases. We can also supply interpreters should this be required for the deposition of a witness, etc. In addition, we can provide auxiliary services to law firms, such as in-country research.


We understand the sensitivity of legal information, so confidentiality is always paramount with us. Stringent quality-control procedures for accuracy, correct terminology and consistency are a given in any job related to our legal document translation services. We can protect the privacy of your information through: -

  • Non-disclosure agreements between you and us;
  • Non-disclosure agreements between us and any translator involved;
  • Secure file-transfer options; and
  • Mutually agreed safe document-management policies.
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