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The localisation of an app involves more than translating a few buttons and menus. If you are considering creating a foreign-language version of a piece of software, then your objective is most probably to reach a much larger target audience in order to boost the exposure to your piece of work. Localisation overcomes not only language barriers, but also cultural ones. The Aussie Translations team of linguists, technicians, and developers can help you achieve this goal.

Why localise your app?


At the simplest level, the localisation process of an app involves the collection of all translatable text, the conversion to a foreign language, and the rebuild of the foreign-language version. Further elements of app localisation are

  • adaptations to the graphical user interface (GUI) to match both the new text and the cultural expectations of the target market;
  • terminology management to ensure consistency;
  • adaptation of number, time, date, and measuring unit formats;
  • consideration of local regulations;
  • integration of local currencies, (sales) tax systems, and payment methods;
  • adaptation of GUI elements to match different writing systems and text lengths.


Aussie Translations uses cutting-edge methods to localise all elements of a software program/app, including auxiliary resources such as the online help, the readme file, licence agreements, and promotional material.

At the end of each software or app localisation project is a thorough quality review and testing process that covers all text (for correctness, completeness, and technical consistency), the GUI itself, and the user-friendliness of all items (especially menus).

Tools such as Visual Localize, SDL Passolo, and Catalyst help to achieve a result that users appreciate, even though they will never see the work that went into the localisation.


No matter how big or small your app may be, localisation is a complex process that involves several different parties, great attention to detail, and a lot of fine tuning until the desired result is achieved. We encourage all our clients to think about localisation as early as possible to avoid delays and disappointments later on. Our localisation and translation team is committed to

  • delivering high-quality personal service;
  • delivering on scope, on budget, and on time;
  • advising you of any potential problems as early as possible;
  • updating you continuously;
  • ensuring your app gets the reach it deserves
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