Major Obstacles in Health Care and Medical Translation

onSeptember 15, 2022

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Health Care and Medical Translation
15th September 2022

All forms of translation are at times a challenge, but medical and healthcare translations are more challenging than most.  Medical translations help to connect businesses and customers and some professionals as they work together to improve the lives and health outcomes of people.

Medical translations are crucial for disseminating not just medical knowledge but any new medical discoveries too. Medical translations are critical for providing healthcare to both foreigners and minorities. Medical translators ... View More

A Complete Translator’s Checklist for Corporate Translations

onSeptember 13, 2022

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Translation for international companies-min
13th September 2022

Before a translator from a corporate language translation service starts a corporate translation there are certain steps that should be taken while completing the translation
Translating is not an easy process as it doesn’t just involve scanning the text provided by a
corporation and then translating it into a second language but any type of translation
requires expertise, skill, effort, time, and research so that high-quality translations will be
the result. All professional ... View More

Common Usage of Technical Translations

onAugust 30, 2022


Localisation Process
30th August 2022

Technical translations break down language barriers for industries that wish to gain from the globalized age. A lot of technical information is often challenging to translate but there is no allowance made for translation mistakes particularly when instructions, safety warnings, and key documentation need to be translated.

What are technical translations used for in the world today?

All industries need technical translations at some level to provide crucial information that needs to cross ... View More

Comparison Between Human Translation and Machine Translation

onJuly 27, 2022


Human Translation and Machine Translation
27th July 2022

Today with businesses operating all over the world translation is a necessary tool for aiding communication between different businesses. If you are a global company and you have not yet taken advantage of the benefits of translation then it is likely your business isn’t gaining the revenue it deserves. Providing a website in important world languages and adapting a product to the idiosyncrasies of each of the languages and their markets are essential if ... View More

Steps You Should Follow for Conducting Website Localisation

Website Localisation
21st July 2022
What is website localisation?

The expression “localisation” refers to the adaptation of content or a product so that it suits a specific country or market while adapting the cultural, linguistic, legal, and political differences. Localisation is commonly confused with translation, which is the process used to convert words, phrases, and sentences from a single language into another language. Even though these terms may appear similar, translation is typically just one feature of the ... View More

Importance of Copyright Laws

onJuly 5, 2022

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Divorce certificate translation
5th July 2022

There are many advantages of copyright protection laws. When someone creates a new work, like a book, poem, photo or painting it is the copyright law that helps to protect who owns the work.  

Who is protected by copyright?

Copyright, or an author’s right, is a legal expression which is used to define the rights of the creators over of artistic and literary works. Works that are protected by ... View More

Requirements for Audio Visual Translations

onJune 28, 2022


Audio Visual Translations

When you watch a TV series or film which originates from another country the chances are you will be either seeing the dialogue in subtitles or the conversations have been dubbed. As more and more videos are being produced there is a rise in demand for audiovisual translations so that ... View More

Proofreading’s Importance in the Workplace

onJune 16, 2022


importance of proofreading
16th June 2022

Proofreading is reading and correcting mistakes in written pieces such as punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Proofreading is as important to business communication as polishing and buffing is to carpentry. If there is just one small blemish in either it spoils the whole piece and the overall impression from the final product loses its true effect. Imperfections and errors in any type of work show carelessness, and if it takes place in ... View More

What Do You Know About Proofreading Services?

onJune 14, 2022


Professional proofreading services
14th June 2022


Getting professional help from proofreading services will improve a piece of writing better than the writer of the text could ever do. Proofreading services offer experienced proofreaders for all sectors that produce written communication. For both the academic and corporate sectors proofreading services are a crucial part of the writing process. It is the final stage for a written document when it is scanned and checked for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. It is ... View More

8 Tips for Building Multilingual Websites

Tips for Building Multilingual Websites
7th June 2022

There are eight approaches that can be used when translating websites which are described below.

1) Machine Translations

Machine translations can be tempting, because they are a quick and cost-effective choice.  Small businesses and even local governments are using this method to reduce translation costs. However, the main drawback is doubtful accuracy. 

Machine translations shouldn’t be used on websites that provide key information, like health information, ... View More