The Advantages of Translations for Educational Organisations

Last Updated On: May 6, 2022

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If you own or manage an educational online platform or institution you can benefit from professional translations which provide translation services for businesses as well as a range of educational establishments.

These include: 

  • Translations of educational books and materials. 
  • Website translations for online courses and marketing material.
  • Audio and video translations of teacher resources.

Translations can be used to communicate effectively with all people who using an educational platform. It also means that they will be able to use any resources that you produce. A quality translation service will offer these services in a range of different languages. 


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    Communication is key to the educational environment

    To communicate effectively people are involved gaining the most if the communication is in their best language. Not all teachers are competent in the range of languages spoken by their students so providing translations when they are most needed help the communication to take place quickly and competently. 

    When it comes to documents that need to be shared by students who speak a range of languages document translations ensure that all resources available meet the student’s language needs. 

    In the U.S. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that educational institutions in the country cannot discriminate on the basis of the following characteristics which are:

    • Sex
    • Religion
    • Race
    • National origin
    • Colour

    Because of these demands, all organizations have the responsibility to ensure resources are accessible to all students who want to learn. This typically includes providing translation support for any student who speaks English as their 2nd language. 

    A student attempting to learn in a 2nd language has to work a lot harder than somebody who is only learning in their 1st language. This makes things such as writing fluently extremely difficult. Subjects like creative writing can be very challenging. Hiring translators from translation services allows all those who want to learn to do so but far more easily. This allows them to concentrate on developing important skills without getting lost.

    Translations improve parent-teacher relationships

    To support students’ learning, creating cohesion between the learning and home environment is important. Therefore organizations need to communicate effectively with the student’s support system. This would depend on the age of the learner but could include parents, carers, employers and work colleagues.

    Language translators will make an organisation more fruitful

    Getting educational resources translated well in advance of them being used can save much time when having to communicate with any multilingual students. This makes certain that they understand what work they need to do during a course of study. If there is an urgent need for explaining anything to students translation services typically provide interpretations over-the-phone which can assist in resolving language problems quickly. This allows teaching staff much more time to concentrate on teaching and developing the school’s educational programmes.

    How to find the most suitable online translation service

    If you have decided to support your students’ learning through translations you will need to find the translator who suits best your requirements. 

    You should look at the following characteristics of translation services:

    • It should offer different services that cover all your language needs.
    • It should have vast experience working within the educational arena.
    • It should have great testimonials provided by past clients.
    • The translation workload should be completed quickly.
    • It should offer good customer service.

    If you follow these guidelines you are most likely to find a suitable translation company which can deliver great translation quality and is able to work with you to meet your translation requirements in the timeframe that suits you.

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