The Best Ways to Be Sure a Translation is Correct

onJune 3, 2022

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Best Ways to Be Sure a Translation is Correct
3rd June 2022

As translations become more and more popular for both individuals and businesses, the quality of translations becomes increasingly more and more important too.

There are several methods that can be used to help ensure a translation is correct and even exceed industry standards.

1. Experienced translator

Use an experienced translator for the type of translation. For example, it is always better to use an experienced legal translator for ... View More

New Trends for the Translation Industry

New Trends for the Translation Industry
20th May 2022

The world translation services industry experienced 10 years of growth with a market worth exceeding $47.5 billion in 2020. However, as the world started to live with the pandemic a further growth boost is expected to take place in 2022, with an expected value of $57.7 billion. 

2022 Translation industry trends

First and foremost is the tackling of the misconceptions concerning machine translations such as the quality of Google ... View More

Guide for Human Translation and Machine Translation

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Language Translation
19th May 2022

Today, machine translation is necessary as part of the localisation process as it helps to enable translation and localisation to take place quickly and efficiently so reducing the costs of translations. As more and more resources are devoted to machine translation technology the quality of translations is markedly improved.

Definition of machine translation

Machine translations (MT) are automated translations created by computer software. The user inputs the text ... View More

Australia Partner Visas for 2022: What you should know!

Visa Translation for Australian Open
7th May 2022

In Australia, the process for obtaining a spouse visa is quite complicated and needs a lot of effort and time to complete. Before filing an application for a spouse visa you have to be ready to produce evidence of all the required documentation and also meet the strict eligibility criteria. The subclass 100 (Permanent Partner) visa is available for applicants who already have a subclass 309 (temporary visa). When applying you need to ... View More

The Advantages of Translations for Educational Organisations

Document Translation
6th May 2022

If you own or manage an educational online platform or institution you can benefit from professional translations which provide translation services for businesses as well as a range of educational establishments.

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Difference Between Translation and Localisation

onApril 25, 2022

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Translation and Localization
25th April 2022

Translation is one aspect only of localisation and companies who wish to diversify into overseas markets have two choices which are translation & localisation. The translation, adapts a message while localisation is creating an appropriate experience. The translation is typically the beginning of localisation.

Everything has to be adapted to suit the preferences of the target market which means currency and unit conversion, altering date formats, adapting imagery, conforming to laws and regulations, and using the country-specific ... View More

Importance of Hiring a Qualified Technical Translator

onApril 20, 2022

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Importance of Hiring a Qualified Technical Translator
20th April 2022

The translating of technical texts needs a bit more translation expertise than just being bilingual. One of the most important reasons for this is the use of specialised terminology. Every technical term in a technical translation has an exact meaning. If the translator doesn’t quite understand the meaning of a technical term the translation may be inaccurate. 

A few languages, particularly those that have a scientific legacy are more likely to have ... View More

Methods of Audiovisual Translation

onMarch 30, 2022

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Methods of Audiovisual Translation
30th March 2022

Audiovisual translations are the translations of any audiovisual materials, such as e-learning materials, vlogs, promotional videos, and videogames. Before beginning an audiovisual translation it will need to be localised so it matches the needs of the targeted audience. 

Depending on who the recipients are for the audiovisual translation it will need to be culture-specific and tailored to a particular community within a country.  For example, despite the fact ... View More

Why Translation for Your Business is Like a Window on the World

onMarch 20, 2022

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Translation for Your Business
20th March 2022

Buyers seeking to buy a product are most likely to choose one which markets the product in their language. This provides them with the information they require when deciding to make a purchase. Some companies still believe that if they market their products overseas in English it will gain enough reputation to attract many buyers. Unfortunately, this isn’t normally the case today and the only way to grow its customer base is for the company is to provide translations in ... View More

How to Find the Right Technical Translator

onMarch 4, 2022

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Technical Translator
4th March 2022

A translator’s job is to transmit knowledge from one language to another which includes
technical translations. When seeking the “right” technical translator, there are a few factors that need to be considered:

Solid technological skills

The best technical translator knows how to use modern technology to ensure the accuracy of the technical translation. They will have a complete understanding of how to use translation memory (TM) and content management tools used to store business-specific technology. They should ... View More