Six Tips for Choosing Translators for Your Business

Last Updated On: February 20, 2022


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When selecting a translation business to connect with for your business’s international

document translation needs it is never an easy task to select just the right one. Here are
the five things you should consider before making your final decision about a
translation agency:


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    1. How your translations will be handled

    The first thing to consider is how your translations will be handled. Some of the newer
    translation businesses are start-ups that give you the opportunity to get your business
    documents translated using software to help them. For a lot of businesses, this is
    typically the best way to go because using software ends up a lot more cost-effective
    then using the services of a human translator. The main problem is that software
    doesn’t always work and online translators like Google Translate rarely do accurate
    translations on their own. You can really only trust translation services that depend
    on human translators to fine-tune all business translations.

    2. The translation company must pay attention to detail

    This is one of the most vital things you’ll want for your business as you can’t afford for
    even the smallest mistakes to be made especially in your document translations. Just
    one small error could lose you, customers.
    Your translators must be experts in the use of both the languages you require for your
    document translations. They must be experts in your subject matter but they must seek
    help if they need any clarification of meaning in a document.

     3. Translation experts & native speakers are not equal

    A person who is a native speaker isn’t necessarily a language expert so when choosing a

    translation company you should check the qualifications and certificates of their
    translators so that you are sure you are getting the ones with the right skills to do your
    business document translations. A successful translator should be able to master both
    the language and culture of the language they are qualified to translate.

    4. A good translation company will have an effective project manager

    In order to ensure you get your translations on time, the translation company needs to
    have effective project managers who ensure translators get the jobs completed on
    time. A project manager at a translation agency keeps the translation process greased
    and rolling as it supervises, instructs, and coordinates the moving parts of each
    translation project. Working competently is 50 per cent of the battle while being
    dedicated to customer satisfaction is key as well and a good translation business will
    also have the best project manager.

    5. Translation companies require professional editors

    Without the services of a proficient editor, a translation company would have no chance
    of meeting a client’s expectations. It is their skills and attention to detail that is the
    backbone of a successful translation company. Their role is to review all translated

    material and make sure that the message is complete, clear and easy to understand for
    your targeted audience.

    6. A translation company needs to have localization experience

    Localization today is an absolute requirement when a business document needs a
    translation. In its absence, you can never be certain if your message has successfully
    resonated with your audience. What is accepted in one culture may be totally
    unacceptable in another even if the same language is used. To be absolutely certain you
    are getting the highest quality from your translation company it’s always in your best
    interest to hire a translation company with an experienced, dedicated, and professional
    team who knows the importance of localisation.
    When you are choosing a translation company for your business translators consider
    the 6 tips above before you make your final choice.

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