How to Find the Right Technical Translator

Last Updated On: April 20, 2022

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Technical Translator

A translator’s job is to transmit knowledge from one language to another which includes
technical translations. When seeking the “right” technical translator, there are a few factors that need to be considered:

Solid technological skills

The best technical translator knows how to use modern technology to ensure the accuracy of the technical translation. They will have a complete understanding of how to use translation memory (TM) and content management tools used to store business-specific technology. They should also understand how to make use of computer-aided translation technology (CAT tools) which improves the accuracy of a translation.

Cross-cultural background

The best technical translator should preferably have a cross-cultural background so they can understand the culture of both the source and targeted language. They need to possess a sound understanding of each culture so that meaning can be actively conveyed and both parties are able to communicate. Solid subject knowledge The best technical translators are those who are subject matter experts (SME) while also having a high level of cultural understanding.


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    They should be able to understand complex concepts of their chosen industry and express them creatively so that the intended audience understands them in their own language. Linguists often spend large amounts of time conducting research into a new word so that they fully comprehend its meaning before the word is selected for a translation. By thoroughly understanding their subject matter, they ensure a translation is accurate and effectively bridges the gap between the groups who need to communicate.

    Specialized industries

    As there are so many different industries that require technical translations, such as life
    sciences, technology, engineering and manufacturing the best translator is the one who
    specializes in the client’s industry as each industry uses its own specialized language.
    Overall, the best technical translator will know how to transmit technical information in a
    clear and creative way. They should understand how to use the specific terminology in a
    language that he or she has adapted and made appropriate for the audience.

    The best technical translators know how to adapt technical translations to the client’s requested audience so that they are able to fully understand the information. People throughout the world prefer communication in their native tongue and are three times more likely to purchase technical products or services if the information about the product is in their own native language. That’s why you need to choose the best technical human translator for your technical translation requirements. You should never depend on just translation software to do your translations as they are rarely as accurate as choosing the best technical translator.

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