Targeting Ethnic Audiences to Sell Your Product or Service With Multilingual Marketing

Last Updated On: November 27, 2023


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In this day and age, global marketing is more important than ever before. This means a multilingual marketing strategy could be a missing link in your company if you want to reach your corporation’s goals. Many companies still believe that English is the most important language so why bother with translations. Any company which still adopts this strategy could be missing lost opportunities with an increase in sales being entirely possible if a multilingual marketing strategy is used. There are new audiences in the world who are seeking new products to buy especially from traditional western markets where they trust a product’s quality. Despite this appeal, many shoppers prefer to learn about a product in their own language so for the future of your company you do need a multilingual marketing strategy.

A multilingual marketing strategy is when translating marketing content takes place across many languages while the original message about the product is maintained. However, there is more to it than that as the translated material has to take into consideration the culture of the people who are being targeted. This cannot be done well with modern translation tools as they have not yet been programmed to understand the nuances of different cultures but just know a word to word translations. This is why it is so important to seek help from a translation company that has earned a reputation for building multilingual marketing strategies for companies that really work.

The importance of a multilingual marketing strategy 

This strategy will assist your business to gain a competitive edge over competitors and reach the targeted audience. Communicating in your customers’ native tongue is important because it helps you build trust between your company and potential buyers. Research has revealed that companies boost sales when their online website stores are translated into their reader’s native languages because it eliminates some of the obstacles that occur with a sale. 


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    Main points you should think about when considering a multilingual marketing strategy

    English isn’t the only language on the Web

    There are no doubt billions of English speakers globally but there are also billions who don’t speak English. These are the potential customers that will only respond to marketing material if it is in their own language.

    People like Content In Their Own Native Language

    Many people in the world understand English but most people like to communicate in their own native tongue if they can.

    Translated content assists to establish trust in a company

    If your marketing website uses languages other than English, it indicates to your audience that you care about catering for their language needs and this automatically helps with building trust with your customers.  Because your online customer cannot interact with you face to face you have to use everything available to you to gain their trust as soon as possible. 

    Gaining a competitive edge

    If you wish to be ahead of your competition, you must be unique. Multilingual marketing is capable of doing that for you.

    Grow your reach by targeting a new audience

    When a multilingual marketing strategy and approach is used, you will not only reach a bigger more diverse customer in your own country, but your global customer will grow as well. 

    Drive more useful traffic to your website

    When your multilingual content starts to appeal to a bigger audience, you will see a marked growth in traffic which should translate into more sales and revenue.

    Lowers operating costs 

    If your goal is to establish a presence in the international market a translation of your website is far more cost-effective than any other marketing strategy that is likely to attract a global audience and in the end reduce your operating costs.

    If you are eager to promote your company through multilingual marketing techniques you should contact Aussie Translations as this is the best place where you can get the multilingual translation done for your business. 


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