Why a Multilingual Marketing Strategy is Needed by Big Brands 

Last Updated On: September 6, 2023

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Why a Multilingual a Marketing Strategy is Needed by Big Brands

Most business owners strive to be as successful as possible. If this means going overseas to increase sales then this option will be carried out as effectively as possible. Research has indicated that marketing overseas requires a multilingual strategy. It is no use believing like many companies still do that English is the only global language. Today the international market for products has grown considerable and there is a lot of competition between those companies selling similar products. One way of getting ahead is responding to the languages used on the internet which is the main marketing tool in use today. This means using a multilingual marketing strategy.

Multilingual marketing tactic


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    A multilingual marketing tactic involves the translating of content into different languages but still retaining the intention of the original message. This isn’t just about translation but it is also about the culture of the targeted audience. Different cultures, like different languages, are never exactly the same. Failing to adapt a translation to fit a culture is equivalent to having no translation at all.

    Choose human translators not online translators

    It is so easy to click a link to an online translator, copy and paste the text and within a few seconds up pops a translation. There will be mistakes in the translation and it won’t be adjusted to suit the nuances of the language which is determined by the culture of the people who speak the language. 

    What’s so good about multilingual marketing?

    • For a start it assists businesses to gain that competitive edge when trying to reach the target audience. 
    • The company can create new revenue streams and gain from potential emerging markets by writing content that really speaks the language of the native speakers of the targeted audience. 
    • Speaking the true native tongue of potential customers is so important because it assists in building trust with potential buyers. Research shows that companies will increase their sales when their online stores are well translated into the readers’ native languages because it eliminates several hurdles between the sales. 

    8 ways that well translated web pages can assist a business to increase sales

    1. English isn’t just used online

    It is true to say that there are billions of people throughout the world who do speak English but more people communicate in languages that are not English. This means the opportunity is there to break into new markets to offer products and services when the content is translated into native languages. 

    1. People have a preference for product marketing content in their own native language

    Even though without a doubt many people around the world do understand English, most still prefer to communicate with others in their own native tongue. A business can construct a relationship with prospective customers by having website content professionally translated.

    1. Translated content establishes a trusting relationship

    People like to work with businesses they are able to trust. If websites feature languages apart from English, it shows the business cares about its audience. When business to customer communication only takes place online it is important to gain customer trust. This can take place if the website content is translated by an experienced translation company that understands business marketing strategies.

    1. Gaining a Competitive Edge

    Because many business owners still use the monolingual marketing tactic, by offering content in many languages enables the business to stand out from the crowd. 

    1. Targeting new audiences

    When multilingual marketing approaches are used this can have an impact on both the domestic and international markets as both will have speakers of languages apart from English.

    1. More online sales are obtained

    A bigger audience means more traffic which leads to increased sales; especially when the content appeals to site visitors. It is estimated that any business that uses multilingual marketing will experience a 20 percent rise in sales.

    1. Reduces operational costs 

    Translating a website is far more cost-effective than any other marketing strategy that aims to attract a worldwide audience also it offer massive returns on investment. 

    In a time where consumers are able to access whatever they are seeking by just a few clicks or screen taps it’s vital that communication with the target audience is in languages that they do speak.  By using multilingual marketing approaches, a business gets a chance to be ahead of its competition, experiences more traffic, builds a stronger connection with its audience, and experiences significant growth. If you’re serious about improving the success of your business, you need to consider incorporating multilingual marketing into your promotion strategy. You will not be disappointed as you will start to experience the results almost immediately as you become an established player in markets around the globe.

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