7 Mistakes Inexperienced Translators Sometimes Make

Last Updated On: June 19, 2017

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Mistakes1. Choosing too many languages

Some translators new to the translation business think they are competent enough in many languages and try to market their ability in those languages. This can lose the translator his or her credibility if he or she does not manage to offer the same standard of translation in each language. It’s better not to bite off more than you can chew. You will gain a better reputation for specialising in fewer languages.

2. Offering lower than average rates too readily

Offering a lower rate than other competing translators may not mean you will get more work. Some clients will think that your business document translation may be poorer quality than the average and not choose your translation services in Australia.


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3. Being afraid to ask questions

New translators are often afraid of losing face and don’t ask new clients the very questions they probably should be asking before they start the translation. A client will have more confidence in your business document translation product if you ask for clarification before you start the translation.

4. Failing to join a professional organization

Some translators think they can run their business on their own with no membership of an appropriate professional organisation. Joining a professional organisation offers you more status and you can add your membership to your marketing profile.

5. Poor accountancy practices

Many translators work on a freelance basis which means they have to take care of all their own book keeping, taxation and banking. Often, translators fail to provide invoices and have no official paperwork or records when it comes to dealings with the ATO (Australian Tax Office) or overseas equivalent. This, in the end, does not pay off for a number of reasons, including not knowing what you have in the bank and not being able to provide the right proof of revenue if asked by the tax office.

6. Taking on a project that is too difficult

Many translators are afraid that turning down a difficult document translation job from a regular client will mean they will lose the client. To the contrary most clients appreciate honesty, especially if a job is not quite in your comfort zone. You are more likely to lose your credibility if your translation is not good enough because you lack experience in that particular area.

7. Not realizing that hard work is required

Working as a freelance translator involves both hard work and dedication. To be a success and earn good money you will certainly need to hard work!.

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