What Do You Know About Proofreading Services?

Last Updated On: June 14, 2022


Professional proofreading services


Getting professional help from proofreading services will improve a piece of writing better than the writer of the text could ever do. Proofreading services offer experienced proofreaders for all sectors that produce written communication. For both the academic and corporate sectors proofreading services are a crucial part of the writing process. It is the final stage for a written document when it is scanned and checked for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. It is only after the proofreading has been completed that the document will make its way to the publisher.

Proofreading and editing

Many people don’t know the difference between editing and proofreading. They are not exactly the same but in fact different stages in the writing process.


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    While proofreading acts as the final stage for checking small mistakes, editing is more elaborate. Editing may change the final structure, the language, and at times even the topics described in the content. It is much more detailed and exact than proofreading and often more than a single edit is needed before the editor is satisfied with the final product. Editing may be achieved by following specific steps, depending on what the document requires. 

    How to select proofreading services

    Even though it is not that hard to source a proofreader, finding the best proofreader can be quite a challenge. You should consider many things before hiring a proofreader, especially if you are looking for academic proofreading. There are many times when documents have been sent to a proofreader service and they have been rejected and returned. This is often because the document may need a bit more than just the use of proofreading services. 

    If, for example, a document is academic, it might require academic editing and not just proofreading. If a document has a lot of grammatical errors, complex and confusing sentences, or there is an imbalance in tone and flow editing may help eliminate such issues. There are a few agencies that offer both editing and proofreading services at a range of different prices. It is important to understand the requirements of a document before a service is chosen.

    Is a specialised proofreader required?

    Some proofreaders often specialise in particular formats of documents so it depends on the document type whether a specialised proofreader should be hired. Typically, proofreaders don’t need expert knowledge of a document’s content. However, if a document is technical a professional proofreader may provide a better service. 


    How long does the proofreading process take?

    Many agencies give deadlines according to the customer’s preferences, needs, and budget. If you have a strict deadline, you can select proofreading services that offer a quick service

    How much do proofreading services cost?

    The price for proofreading depends on several factors including:

    • where the proofreader is based;
    • the experience and skills of the proofreader;
    • the time it will take to proofread;
    • the text type;
    • the text length.

    The word count normally determines the price set by proofreading services. However, if formatting is required the proofreading service may charge by the page. Some freelance proofreaders often choose to charge by the hour.

    How will you know if the proofreading service is reliable?

    You should consider the following before making a decision.

    • How well do they handle customer services and feedback responses?
    • Do they offer any live support?
    • What are the refund and complaint policies?
    • What are the provider’s page or domain authority scores?
    • Is a secure payment service provided?
    • Is the proofreading service confidential and secure?
    • Is data protected by the 256-bit SSL?
    • Are free revisions provided if requested by customers?
    • Does the editor/proofreader interact with the client?
    • Is a proofreading certificate provided?


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