How Localisation Can Increase Your e-Commerce Business for Christmas Shopping Deals

Last Updated On: January 9, 2023


Localisation Can Increase Your e-Commerce Business for Christmas Shopping Deals

Black Friday provides businesses and their brands with the chance to attract new markets and increase revenue. As more and more countries take advantage of the benefits of announcing Black Fridays it helps more businesses to advertise their products. But if the business wants to use Black Friday in their own countries to attract markets from overseas it needs to localise its products so that they are made available to people from more cultures and countries. 

1. How to prepare your e-commerce business for Christmas shopping deals

The tactic of localisation can equally apply to Christmas as well as Black Fridays. If you are happy with your revenue from the local market then localisation isn’t as important as your advertising material and product descriptions will be suitable for that market. However, if you want to increase your Christmas revenue from markets outside your own language and culture then you have to use marketing tactics such as translations and adapting marketing material to suit the idiosyncrasies of that targeted market. 

When you start the localisation process you should make sure you market the products that are the most in demand. As part of the localisation process, you should decorate your online store with Christmas decorations that are used in the targeted countries. This will put your website above your competitors. It is also the best time for offering special Christmas discounts. 


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    2.  Why the Christmas sale is perfect for worldwide opportunities

    Once Christmas day is over Boxing Day sales start in earnest and consumers are ready to do their holiday shopping with the cash given by relatives as Christmas presents. You have to be ready for this as everyone is after a bargain. You should have some products earmarked just for this day and the marketing material should be localised well in advance so it’s ready to load onto your website as Boxing Day is just about to start. If you get your marketing tactics right potential customers will be queuing up to buy your products.

    3. How localisation helps to increase sales in the festive season

    The aim of localization is to adapt the meaning of content such as marketing materials for the targeted market. As well as changing the language through translation, localisation can incorporate the following:

    • more suitable images;
    • the measurement system that is appropriate for the targeted market;
    • the correct time zone;
    • the correct currency that the buyer would use to pay for the product;
    • a different layout that suits the language change such as if a language reads right to left, or if the number of words in the targeted language tends to be greater than they are in the original language.

    Once the localisation process is complete it will show how much you care about your potential customers and their likely needs and that by presenting product descriptions in the way they understand means you are a genuine business and evolve with the times. 

    An increase in sales can be expected from a well-localised website but what is equally important is gaining customers that really trust you enough that they come back to purchase your products over and over again. That is what matters more than anything else and they are much more likely to recommend your online store to friends, post positive facts about you on social media platforms, and leave positive reviews on your website for others to see or leave a positive review. When combined, this fosters a more successful environment. It also allows you to be more scalable and strategic

    Hire professional website localisation services to help you develop a campaign that will grow your revenue and your customer base.

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