Benefits of Translating YouTube Videos

Last Updated On: November 18, 2022

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Benefits of Translating YouTube Videos

Every day, millions of people worldwide view online videos such as those that have been loaded on YouTube content. If you are a business you are missing out on a valuable opportunity if you don’t translate your YouTube content. Once you have gone through the process you will attract an international audience. If you don’t go through this process you face the fact that you will alienate much of your potential audience.

 What is YouTube translation?

There are typically two types of video translations which are the use of subtitles and voice-overs. 

5 Benefits of using video translation services that will transform your YouTube content

1. Reach a larger audience

If you limit the viewing of your videos to an English audience you are losing a potential audience and a large amount of revenue. As soon as you have translated your YouTube you can share your content with those who speak many different languages. The more your YouTube content is shared the more your business will grow and the happier you will be.


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    2. Make your customers feel better connected

    English is no doubt a widely spoken language even as a 2nd language for many people. English is spoken by about 20 percent of the global population, but strange as it may seem only about 360 million people are actually native speakers. You can see from these figures why translating your YouTube is so important. As soon as you go through the translation process you will notice the differences as more customers will be drawn to the presence of your product. Also once a customer chooses your brand they are more likely to keep buying it as they trust its quality because they can read about it in their own language.

    3. Improvement in SEO rankings

    Embedding translated YouTube into your website will improve your SEO which will result in a growth in visitor numbers. This is particularly true if your content and meta descriptions for a related landing page are in a translated language. Search engines quickly recognize any text with captions so your website with translated YouTube is more likely to pop up in searches.

    4. Be better than your competitors

    Because not all of your competitors ever think about translating their YouTube if you go through the process you will without a doubt stand out which will boost your chance of increasing sales. Statistics have revealed that 52 percent of people are much more willing to pay for a product that is marketed in their mother tongue.  Offering your YouTube content in many languages means your sales are more secure and you can set your own price.

    5. Improve accessibility

    85 percent of Facebook’s YouTube videos have been seen without sound during the last year. If you use captions it will increase access to your YouTube content.

    Why hire a professional translator?

    It is a risky strategy to use any employee who may have some grasp of a second language to do your YouTube translations. You can never guarantee the translations are good enough until your potential audience shows no interest. However, using a professional translation service with experienced translators of YouTube videos in your chosen will produce a much better result, which will more likely reap revenues for you and your business.

    Your business’s reputation is at stake if you don’t choose a professional YouTube translation service as a bad, inaccurate translation could lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

    Hiring the best video translation services which have translators who have a reputable certificates in translation will mean the best voice talent will be used to translate your YouTube presentation.

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