Is Translation Automation a Good Thing?

onApril 14, 2015


Translation Automation Translation automation is constantly discussed these days – especially, of course, by those in the translation industry who are always on the lookout for anything that can speed up their work, improve its accuracy or improve consistency without compromising the final quality. But is translation automation really such a good thing and are there limitations on its use?

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What Is the Difference between Translation Post-editing and Translation Proofreading?

onApril 9, 2015


Post-editing has become an accepted part of the translator’s vocabulary quite recently, while proofreading as a skill has been around for much longer. At first sight, the two terms appear to be the same process – just a different way of describing the same thing. But, they’re not quite the same, although both processes do share one thing in common – they happen at the end of a translated piece of work and ... View More

Five Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy as a Translator

onApril 2, 2015


Happy ClientsThere is a lot of difference between fulfilling a translation contract or completing a translation project for a client and making them a happy client. When a client is really satisfied with the sort of translation services you provide they will not only send you more work but recommend you to others. Word of mouth satisfaction based communication can be worth more than any ... View More

Ensure a Successful Translation by Providing Appropriate Information to the Translator

onMarch 25, 2015


Businessman Providing RecordsAs with any personalized service the client who needs translation services has to co-operate with the translation agency in Australia and before a translator has been assigned check to see what other information may be useful in the course of the translation. There are certain ways the client can help the translator by providing key information about the requirements for the translation.

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How Localisation can Give your Business a Much Needed Edge

onMarch 11, 2015


localisation processDoes your business deal with customers or partners overseas? Do you use translation services in Australia or elsewhere to get your message across? Are you getting the best out of these translation services? Many businesses have not yet understood the benefits of localisation. Choosing a professional translation service that can provide an effective localisation process can give your business a much ... View More

Some Thoughts on Design Typesetting During the Translation Process

onJanuary 13, 2015


Thoughts on TranslationMany people don’t think twice about what could happen during the translation process after designing a website page, a brochure or a business flyer. The reality is that the design of any of these sorts of materials in one language has to be modified for use in another language.

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Is There any Difference Between the Terms ‘Translation’ and ‘Localisation’?

onJanuary 9, 2015


Translation and Localisation’The pace of globalisation shows no sign of slowing, and the need for marketing products and services in the language of a new overseas market is growing with this trend. Many companies are becoming aware of making sure that they remain understood when they start to expand into overseas markets. Two terms that are often used, sometimes interchangeably, when preparing a product for sale ... View More