Confidentiality is the Name of the Game with Legal Document Translation

Last Updated On: February 7, 2018

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Confidentiality is the Name of the Game with Legal Document TranslationLegal document translation is a specialist process best left to qualified and experienced translators who have the requisite in depth knowledge of both the language or languages that need to be translated but also the specific terminology used in many legal documents. There is no room for getting the legal translation of documents wrong as the wrong word or phrase can mean misunderstanding, the loss or delay of a contract or the rejection of an application for an individual or business.

Confidentiality is the Name of the Game with Legal Document TranslationConfidentiality is very important when it comes to many sorts of documents but none more so than those that involve financial matters. The reality is that many organisations and companies have to depend on the honesty and integrity of their chosen translators when it comes to the handling of sensitive documents. If these documents get into the wrong hands or are not handled with the utmost care, then information can leak out and result in all manner of potential problems.


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    Many businesses or organisations that have a lot of commercial dealings with counterparts overseas or here in Australia should use an approved NAATI translation service with experience in legal document translation to handle their sensitive documents. NAATI translators are accredited by the Australian government and can be trusted to have the level of confidentiality required for sensitive and important document translation.

    Legal document translation needs to follow strictly defined guidelines which include the requirements for confidentiality and rights of those who are requesting the translation. Many businesses will already have their preferred translators which they use every time they need a document or documents translated, but the choice is more difficult when a legal document needs to be translated for the first time or the requirements are infrequent. Fortunately, there are many accredited and approved translators with the experience and credibility on hand for those who need their legal documents translated with accuracy as well as confidentiality assured.

    There should be clearly defined duties and rights for all organizations and individuals concerned when creating the translation. It should ensure that these are delivered precisely in the source and target texts.

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