Double the Number of Website Users by Using a Website Translation

Last Updated On: November 27, 2023

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One of the most crucial features of a website that aims to satisfy, inform, or attract an international audience is to provide an opportunity for those browsers or users of the website to read important information in their own language. There are many free website translation services on the Internet that provide a way to translate text from English into other languages, but often the translations are clumsy and off-putting. Also, if someone overseas is trying to use an online translator to translate what you have written on your website pages it takes much longer and could lead to more misunderstanding than simply pressing a language change button on your site.

One feature of all websites that influences how popular they are is how easy they are to navigate. Even if you only use a website translation service to translate your text into 5 or 6 other languages then this will make it much more attractive than leaving a large potential audience out of the loop.


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    A certified NAATI translator is the best choice when you want to get your website translation done professionally. You may be surprised how many more people are likely to spend longer on your site if they can read a translation of the website text in their own language so that it actually makes sense.

    Website translation is vital for the tourism industry. Imagine a Korean, Chinese, or Japanese family, for instance, who have always dreamed of a holiday in Australia. The only problem is that every time they look at an Australian travel website they simply can’t understand anything they read on it – unless, of course, the smart website owner has a way for browsers to read the website in Korean, Chinese, or Japanese. It stands to reason that they are going to get much more business than a website that sticks to using English only.

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