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Last Updated On: February 7, 2018

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It’s hardly a surprise that a country with Australia’s climate has a lot of outdoor swimming pools, which are very popular, particularly in the heat of an Australian summer. Mostly their used by human swimmers but occasionally they can be shared with other water-loving creatures. Recently some Australian pranksters put baby crocodiles into a Queensland swimming pool.

They were spotted by a regular swimmer, who reported the matter to management. The pool staff then had the job of catching them, which provided significant entertainment for the swimmers. The nine baby crocodiles were reportedly very quick on their feet both in and out of the water and gave staff a run (or swim) for their money, but eventually all were safely gathered in. Fortunately their parents were elsewhere. The baby crocs were looked after and returned to the wild by a reptile handler, where they will hopefully live long and happy lives. It’s not the first time Australian wildlife has made its way into human facilities with Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane having a water feature full of bull sharks. There are believed to be numerous balls in the pool, which could be collected and resold by anyone up for the challenge. For anyone who likes an easier life, enlisting the services of a professional NAATI translator will help take the bite out of visa paperwork.


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