Skills a Legal Translations Agency Should Have at Their Fingertips

Last Updated On: February 7, 2018

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Legal Translation

Legal TranslationThe legal document translation services offered by many translation services in Australia are provided by a variety of skilled translators who make up their team of legal translators. It is important for all translation agencies who are prepared to offer specialised translators that they are fully qualified for handling the complexity of language used in legal documents.

The two most important skills a legal translation service agency should have are:

  • a pool of language specialists in the target languages;
  • a pool of translators who have experience of translating legal documents in the key languages.


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    Legal documents can vary in complexity and can cover a variety of legal disciplines including family law where divorce language, child and spousal support language may need to be translated, business law where language that deals with contracts, tenures, tenders, employees agreements and wage issues and many more business issues may need to be translated and other legal areas including property law, personal injury, defence law, insurance law and intellectual property rights law, just to name a few.

    It is important for a legal translation agency to provide the best available translators who can offer translation services which are detail oriented where no mistakes are made with translation. There could be serious consequences if a legal document was misunderstood because the translator failed to understand the language and meaning of the document in both its original language and the one it is to be translated into. Legal document translation services involve specialised skills and require the input from well qualified and highly skilled legal language specialists. An important feature of any legal translation agency, is to offer precise legal translations that contain appropriate legalese taking into account the cultural nuances of the particular target language.

    Most proceedings in international courts do not accept translated documents that have not been certified, so it is important for legal document translation services to be able to present certificates that have been notarised vouching for the accuracy of the legal translation. This certification provides the proof that the professional translators used for the legal document translation are conversant and proficient in the target language.

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