How To Communicate Your Translation Message Better

Last Updated On: February 7, 2018

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Communicate Your Translation Message BetterIf you are in the situation that you translate a monthly newsletter for a client regularly, you can make the process far simpler and time effective by providing a file transfer site where you and your client can quickly access documents that need translating and ones that have been translated. This is an extra service you can offer but there may be other ways the service can be improved.

You may find it appropriate to send out a short survey to your regular clients to find out what improvements you can make to the service. Going this extra mile will not only ensure you keep clients but you may gain new ones too, through the translation services in Australia you have to offer.


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Changing the tone of communication

Always be positive if you are communicating with clients and it is always best to tell a client that you can do a job rather than attaching a condition like ‘I can only complete your translation job if you deliver the document to be by 9 am’ it’s better to say ‘Yes – I can do the job as long as I have the document as soon as possible’

Never say a job is too easy

Translating is never that easy but if you tell your client their job is easy and the translation turns out to be more difficult than you thought you could be a disappointment to your client.

Customer service is important

Saying you will do something in a certain time frame and in a certain way will not necessarily win the hearts of your clients. What a client wants to see is a good translation completed in the pre-arranged time frame. It is this reliability that will keep old clients and attract new ones. If you succeed in gaining the trust of your clients they will want to pursue your services and you won’t have to advertise to them. You have to create the type of relationship that your customers will value and want to keep.

Forming a successful sought after freelance translation services require both time, and effort and money too. Once you have done all the hard work and you have provided a great customer experience you will never look back as you will never be short of clients. This is the dream of every business and as long as you don’t make your translation jobs sound too easy you will get the respect from your clients when you have done a great translation job.

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