7 Ways to Cut Down Your Document Translation Cost 

Last Updated On: March 16, 2018

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With all this localisation required these days the costs of professional translation services are being felt by companies around the world. But there are ways translation costs can be kept to a minimum.

1. Cut down the number of words you need translating. Sieve through the document to remove parts that are not really needed. The best way to go is to keep the document as simple as possible with no filler and fluff to make the document look better. Using plain and simple language is far more effective than trying to create a document which is too complex. You should try and remove unnecessary images as the translator has to put a bit more time into thinking of text to add to them.

2. Make sure the document you send to the translator is precisely worded and no corrections or clarifications are needed before the translation can commence. It can get very expensive if you continually want additions to the document while the translation is supposed to be taking place.


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3. Don’t set a deadline for the completion of the translation as this will mean your translation will be marked as a priority job. Leave plenty of time to allow for its completion.

4. Use Computer Assisted Translation Tools (CAT) to help translators, as they memorize translations so they can be used at a later date. This could help to reduce translation costs especially if some of your content is repetitive.

5. Stick to the same professional translation services. This may help you to get discounts on future projects.

6. Don’t sacrifice quality by accepting the first quote. A good translation in the first place will save on corrections and be cheaper in the long term.

7. Use simple formats like .doc, .txt, or editable PDF files as these are the easiest to edit and alter.

These seven tips should help you to minimise professional translation costs without having to sacrifice quality.

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