Multilingual Captions and Subtitles Encourage Video Growth

Last Updated On: March 16, 2018

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Promotional and marketing videos are extremely important and effective as persuasive tools in this day and age. In the early days of the Internet only big businesses ever had the cash to produce awe inspiring, effective videos that no one could criticize. Today, this trend has changed and many businesses, large or small, have their unique in-house video producing mega teams that use low cost, high quality camera equipment and editing tools that are simple to use alongside a laptop.
Videos on a website are great communication tools and if they are translated into a multitude of other languages they can attract many more online customers globally who receive the product message in their own language. However, closed captions or subtitles make good alternatives to complete videos.
Subtitles are in place to assist viewers to understand spoken words which can’t be clearly heard. Often, professional translation services offer subtitles in a variety of different languages so that a video can be understand by more people.
“Caption” text is a way of identifying speakers and shows all the spoken words typically in the original language. Captions are more descriptive and do a good job at helping deaf and partially deaf viewers get a better feel of what’s taking place on a screen especially noises like whistling winds and doorbells ringing. Closed captions can be switched on or off on any video playing device while open captions stay on all the time the video is being viewed. These can be provided by Australian professional language services in any language you choose, enabling your videos to be viewed and understood in different ways throughout the world.
DVD Subtitles are possible too
DVDs support a subtitle text which is overlaid in a bitmap format on the signal put out by the video through the DVD player. It can be switched off and on by the viewer. DVD subtitles in different languages are stored in a special way on a track.
For the purpose of translation the best thing to do is to offer a language selecting menu on the DVD player just in case the user of the remote device cannot work out how to change the language.
If you don’t want your viewers to use online translation options for translating your product information because it’s often not accurate, a cheap alternative to voice-overs or complete video translations is to get your professional translation services provider to use subtitles and captions in a variety of different languages.




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