Translation and Localization Events and Conferences Throughout the World in 2019

Last Updated On: May 20, 2020

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Translation and Localization Events

Every year throughout the world the translation industry, like other industries, holds a variety of different conferences with different themes which take place in key cities. This year there still several events to consider after earlier events that took place in January and February. Many of these conferences main interest area focuses on localization as this is one of the keys to the growth of the industry. The other area of interest is the development of machine learning and machine translations and how it relates to the role of the human translator.

  1. The next event on the calendar is to be held in Munich, Germany, between March 24th and 28th. Its theme is “The Changing Role of the Human Being in an AI-driven Language Service Industry.” The event is organized by GALA which is aimed at bringing together the world content delivery community. This includes those who provide language services and managers of language technology developers and global content.
  2. March 28th sees the TAUS one day Global Content Summit which takes place in San Francisco. Its focus is on a number of things including machine learning and machine translation as well as discussing the most up to date routes in the translation industry supply chains.
  3. Warsaw, Poland hosts TLC 2019, which is the yearly conference for translation and localization. Its focus is expected to be industry trends, the latest translation technology, and different translation domains.
  4. The Tokyo based TAUS DQF Workshops take place on April 17th. These workshops expect to cover how straightforward principles for quality management apply to assess and. translation quality
  5. The International European Union of Associations of Translation Companies conference holds its 14th conference between 25th and 26th April in Tallinn, Estonia. Its aim is to increase language industry globalization and the use of the internet to use across frontiers and time zones.
  6. In Washington, DC between the 1st and 4th May, the annual conference event takes place for the Association of Language Companies. It represents those businesses which provide localization and translation services. The conference intends to review current federal policy and regulatory matters that currently face the industry.
  7. The aim of the CIUTI, which takes place in Melbourne, Australia, between the 3rd and 5th June, is to offer a forum for educators, trainers, industry reps and professionals on how to strengthen the gap between practice and research in the translation and interpretation fields.
  8. LocWorld40 takes place between the 11th and 13th June in Estoril, Portugal. It intends to focus on translation, international business as well as the management of localization and global websites.
  9. The TAUS Data Summit takes place on June 26th in Salt Lake City and will focus on opportunities and challenges when sharing throughout the language data throughout the translation industry.
  10. The Ukrainian Translation Industry (UTI) camp welcomes anyone who wants to get up to date with current translation news and discuss issues related to it as well as enjoying a great time outdoors with friends and family. The camp takes place in Dnipro, Ukraine between July 22n and the 28th
  11. The American Translators Association conference between the 23rd and the 26th October has as its aim supporting the professional development of interpreters and translators and professions related to this area. It takes place in the U.S. at Palm Springs, CA.
  12. The last conference to be mentioned is the TC world conference. This will be putting on sessions on localization topics. The tekom-Trade fair will be taking place at the same time which will cover the technical communication field.

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